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Month: May 2018

Milking stool graphic depicting need for businesses to have 3-legged milking stool

Why Businesses Need A Three-legged Milking Stool

One of our investor/shareholders asked me why dairy farmers didn’t use two legged milking stools. The answer was obvious – it’s unstable and you’ll fall off. It’s the same in business. When I started my call answering business 21 years ago with my late co-founder, there were just the two of us and we were not very stable. Our shareholder, George, said “You need three legs in your business.”

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Image showing paint on palette for productive business

Your #productivebusiness: How to process orders effectively

You may think you’re already being as productive as humanly possible, but there are always ways to do your different business activities more efficiently… and we thought it might be helpful to share a mini-series of posts outlining a few ways to streamline different tasks. Today, we’re talking about processing orders.

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Verbatim Outsourcing image

5 things you might have been wondering about outsourcing

Making the decision to outsource different activities in your business is a big one. In fact, it’s one that most business owners put off for longer than they should, because there are so many doubts and concerns that come up.
Here at Verbatim, we talk to a lot of business owners making those first steps towards outsourcing, so today I thought I’d share a handful of the biggest worries that crop up again and again (and we’d resolve them).

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