5 Signs Your Business Really Needs A Telephone Answering Service

By Graham Hill

January 30, 2020

As a business owner, it’s your job to make sure everything is working properly in your business. You’re in charge of making sure there are no gaps, that you are doing the best you can and growing at a steady pace. Not to mention doing your actual job, and managing employees on top of that! It’s no surprise that a lot of business owners struggle to answer the phone every time it rings. And while you might not think that’s a bad thing in itself – it’s actually a very clear warning sign that you need to outsource that job. Otherwise, who knows what opportunities you could miss? Want to know what some other warning signs are? Here are 5 to look out for:

Your Voicemail Just Isn’t Cutting It

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, voicemail is not a good tool. Too many businesses rely on voicemail as a safety net – something that will catch all the callers that they miss and make sure they still win new business. But it doesn’t work like that. Most customers (around 66% actually) who get to voicemail will hang up rather than leave a message, and they won’t call back again later – they’ll just call a competitor. So even if your voicemail message is second to none, you will still be losing business. If this hits a nerve, you need a call answering service to catch those calls, instead of a safety net that’s full of holes.

Your Budget Won’t Stretch to a Receptionist

There are a lot of great benefits to hiring a dedicated receptionist for your business. It expands your team, looks great to customers and helps you provide top-notch customer service. But it’s also expensive, and not every business can justify the cost or the hassle of hiring a physical receptionist for their business full time. But you still want all the benefits, right? A phone answering service with a virtual receptionist service might be the answer. A virtual receptionist can handle all of your incoming calls, take messages and generally do everything a physical receptionist can – short of physically being in your office. They also come at a fraction of the cost of a permanent member of staff, so you can still have that great customer service and a more efficient working style, without the big bill attached.

You’re Struggling to Break Free of the Competition

When you’re working in a saturated market, it can be a challenge to break free of the competition and really stand out. But it’s got to be done if you want to win business. One of the things you can do is hire a telephone answering service to provide a better front image for your business. Estate Agent Today likened it to ‘hiring a snappy dresser for your team’ – it’s all about portraying the right image and impressing your customers. A call answering service eliminates the little things that can cause customers to move to the competition – things like unprofessional lapses and snippiness because a call has interrupted lunch, or calls ringing off the hook because someone stepped away from the desk. Instead, the phone is answered by a calm and confident professional, every time.

New Phone Systems are out of Reach

Being able to invest in the latest technologies can be one of the things that makes your business stand out from the competition, not to mention allow you to work in a more efficient way. But new technology is rarely cheap, and the cost of sometimes essential tech can be a massive bugbear to smaller companies. Telephone systems are one of those things that might not seem like a big deal, but not having clear lines of communication between staff, customers and suppliers can lead to some uncomfortable problems down the line. Thankfully, hiring a telephone answering service helps you cut costs in this area, as you will be taking advantage of their state-of-the-art systems as if they were your own, without having to foot the bill.

Your Staff are Distracted by Calls

Unless you run a call centre, you probably don’t hire your employees to sit on the phone all day. You hire them to do tasks, meet with clients and deliver work. And while answering the phone might be a part of that, it is probably not the most valuable task they have. Which is why it can be frustrating to see staff constantly being disturbed from their work to answer the phone. Particularly when we know that it can take around 23 minutes and 15 seconds to recover your concentration after a distraction. So if those distractions are happening dozens of times a day, you’re losing a lot of productive time. A telephone answering service can relive that burden and handle your incoming calls for you, allowing your employees to stay focused on their work, and only be disturbed by a call when it really warrants their attention.

At Verbatim, we help business owners all over the UK improve their business and solve all of these problems. Our dedicated call answering and virtual receptionist services are ideal for any business that can see these warning signs but doesn’t know what to do about them. If you would like to know more, just get in touch with the team today.


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