Are you a “Super Hero business owner”?

By Graham Hill

November 29, 2012

Why Your Indispensability Is Destroying Your Profit Potential  
Do you have a fear of outsourcing?
It’s not an odd question. You see if you want your business to be super successful, at some point you have to stop trying to do everything yourself.
In the early days lots of business owners take the strain. You may be one of them. You make yourself indispensable, allocate all the jobs to you and feel fearful of the costs of offloading some of your non-core work to someone else.
You may even feel obliged to be always available to answer your phone – after all you never know who might be on the other end of the line.
But there’s a BIG payoff – and one you may not even be fully aware of.
• You see if your business is reliant on you for everything, how will it grow to the level you

Photo Credit: Damien Everett via Wikipedia
Photo Credit: Damien Everett via Wikipedia

truly desire?
• How can you develop the next big idea if you never have any protected time?
• How can you implement all you need to achieve your business objectives if you never know when you’ll be disturbed?
The truth is, if you make yourself responsible for doing every job – even the ones someone else can do for you, your business prospects and profit potential will be stifled.
There has to be a better way – and the answer could be outsourcing.
Let me explain…
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Outsourcing frees up the space for core work and greater implementation
First up let’s make something clear.
I’m not suggesting you outsource everything. There will be some core tasks only you can do.
In comparison, there will be other activities and responsibilities that are clogging up your agenda that you can let go of with no negative impact on your business whatsoever. In fact, you’ll probably find that when they’re gone, it’s a relief.
I agree, outsourcing can feel uncomfortable and if it’s not something you’ve considered before, it can feel like a big step. For example you may be worried about the financial implications of the decision, or the negative repercussions of not finding the right outsource partner.
And the easiest way to deal with this is to start small and start with something that’s relatively easy to outsource.
Create protected time with a call answering service
Choosing a call answering service is a great first step into the world of outsourcing for a busy, ambitious business owner.
Here’s why…
1. Your business can be available without you being available
In truth it doesn’t need to be you who answers your phone. For sure there will be some people that only you have the relationship, knowledge or experience to handle. HOWEVER how would it feel to speak with these people when it’s convenient to you?
Your call answering service can take a comprehensive message, present themselves as if they are your business and provide you with the information you need to pick up the call later in the day.
2. You stop losing time to unwanted callers
We’ve all got a secret list of people we’d rather not speak with. Top of the list is probably unsolicited sales calls. But what about that needy client who will keep you on the phone for an excessive amount of time, or a query from someone you simply don’t have time to answer right now.
Your call answering service can:
• Deflect and even kill those unwanted sales calls
• Make an appointment for your “needy” client at your discretion
• Deal with the “easy” calls so you don’t have to
3. You don’t have to worry that important callers won’t leave a voicemail
Perhaps your desire to be available is because you’re concerned what you might miss by not answering your phone. After all some people won’t leave a voicemail – and that could be disastrous if it’s a big order or a potential new client.
You’ll find a call answering service will completely remove this fear simply because you’ll have the confidence that your phone will always be picked up and answered professionally and appropriately.
4. Take a break without the guilt
Do you find yourself fretting if you don’t have your phone or if the battery is running low?
Do you feel chained to your desk and feel panicky about leaving the office in case an important call comes in on your landline? Perhaps you worry about taking a holiday, work stupid hours and reluctantly switch off because you don’t want to miss anything.
STOP! All this hesitation and reluctance is stifling your business and filling your head with unhelpful thoughts. And it’s completely unnecessary when you can outsource to a call answering service, divert your phone when you’re not available and relax knowing nothing important will be missed.
But what do you think?
Are you wary about outsourcing?
Do you feel a need to be available all the time?
Please let us know in the comments below.
And if you’d like to talk with Verbatim about our professional call answering packages, just give Hayley or one of the team a call on 01635 576002.


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