Are you being seduced by telephone technology?

By Graham Hill

August 31, 2011

The Daily Telegraph reported a story on 24th August 2011 about Devonian Brian Evans’s experience of phone technology when booking a hospital appointment. They covered it in their third item on their Comments section. This is the complete item.
“Speak after the tone…
“When Brian Evans rang his hospital in Devon for an appointment, he found himself talking to a machine. End of article
It is a sadly normal experience.

The machine asked which department he wanted. On requesting the eye clinic, he was put through to a strange woman called Sheila in a department of quite a different kind.
Mr Evans blames his rich Devonian accent, but he need not, for it is the common lot of phone-plagued mankind.
Try to buy a cinema ticket, and the machine asks: ” Which cinema would you like to book?”
“You would like to book a ticket in (pause) Chelsea.”
Once it is convinced you want two tickets, not nine, in Row H, not Row A, and you have logged your card number, on the third attempt, one fence remains to be jumped: your name.
There you fail, to be cheerily transferred to a permanent queue for the unheard-of real person.”

Are you letting your customers down?

So many organisations are seduced by technology and the savings it supposedly it brings to their business.
What they forget to consider in their cost calculations is the patient, client or customer.
If you need the health service then there is no choice but if they call your business… guess what?
Lost calls mean lost business and permanent damage to your reputation and brand.
For business owners there is a solution and help at hand to deliver the service that people want.
Our customers and clients want to be treated like sentient human beings and speak to real people.
By outsourcing call handling to a live telephone answering service for about the cost of a gallon of petrol (4.5 litres) a day you can avoid the accidental death of your business.


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