Can Education Prevent Sex Trafficking?

By Graham Hill

December 19, 2018

Happy Christmas to all our friends and clients.
In 2019 we would like to raise the the issue of sex trafficking and how education can play a role in its prevention.
This little girl is one of thousands who could be sold into sex slavery by parents who have no means of educating their child to contribute to their family. Tragically they often sell their daughters.
Like you we have or know friends who have, sisters, nieces, mothers, daughters and granddaughters, all of whom enjoy a free and civilised life here in the UK.
We can protect a girl from sex trafficking by keeping her in school.
Being in school means they are regularly accounted for and are less likely approached by traffickers with a fake offer of work.
In 2019 my team at Verbatim the phone answering service will donate – 20 days education every month to save a little girl from the sex trade.
This will fund a trained anti-trafficking education officer to visit her regularly and provide her with any school resources she might need:

  • Books and pens
  • School uniform
  • School bag
  • A bike to travel to school safely
  • She will also be given a water filter and access to clean water every day
  • Seeds so she is not hungry
  • Additional classes to prepare for exams.

I had the pleasure of meeting a young Australian woman who setup ”Free to Shine” and she told me that providing education for young girls is the most cost effective way of preventing them from being trafficked into the sex trade.
If you go to you can see some of the projects we are supporting including Free to Shine.
I really believe that businesses of all sizes, and no matter how small, can make a difference. I get such a kick when I hear about my colleagues organising fund raising events in the office, supporting #Foodbank or individuals taking a parachute jump to raise money for Alzheimer’s.
This is part of our core values of wanting to give something back. Thankfully we are a member of #B1G1 which enables us to create huge impacts for our fellow world citizens.
Thank you for reading this.
Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.
Best wishes
Founder and Director
Photo of Graham Hill of Verbatim Call Answering Service


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