Do You use Bad Language?

By Graham Hill

September 27, 2018

Phrases I hate

Over the 21 years of running Verbatim, I’ve become acutely aware of some of the biggest mistakes that businesses make when communicating with clients and prospects on the phone.
And one of the biggest ones is not thinking hard enough about what sort of language they use.
There are some obvious things to avoid on the phone – obscene language, argumentative words and the like – but there are some more subtle and less obvious words and phrases that a huge percentage of businesses use without thinking about it.
Word and phrases that will – either consciously or subconsciously – create a feeling of negativity within the customer or prospect’s mind.
There are seven main ones, so today I just thought I’d share them with you, in the hope that you can ensure your telephone communications are as positive and profitable as possible:

  1. “It’s not my job”
  2. “Unfortunately”
  3. “No”
  4. “You’ll have to”
  5. “Hold on”
  6. “Bear with me”
  7. “You’ve come through to the wrong person”

All of these words and phrases bring negativity into the conversation, and subconsciously they create a barrier between your business and the person you want to do business with.
Are your team using these? It might be that they’re using them without thinking about them, but by explaining why these phrases shouldn’t be used in your business, you’ll help them to slowly remove them from your vocabulary.
Give it a try – it’ll make a difference.


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