Does My Small Business Really Need A Call Answering Service?

By Graham Hill

May 15, 2019

That’s it. End of blog. We can all go home early.
Oh, you wanted to know more? Well, OK then!
No matter what size your business is, having a receptionist is a huge advantage. Not only does it free up your time as a business owner to do more important things (like the activities that make money), but it ensures your business is presenting a sleek, professional image to the outside world. Even if they only answer the phones, there is still a lot to be said for having a receptionist available during work hours. Unfortunately, not every business can afford to hire someone to answer their calls and 24/7. But there are other solutions out there, including the call answering service! Today we wanted to give you some examples of areas we can support your business, which might help you decide if a call answering service is right for you.


Finding yourself without enough hours in the day is one of the first indicators that you should be outsourcing your call handling. If you’re spending too much time on the phone, it is taking time away from tasks that could grow your business. It’s a difficult balance, because taking those phone calls could generate you more business, but you need to make sure you have the time to actually do it. With a call answering service, you can screen out the cold calls and time wasters, spend less time answering the same basic questions or booking meetings, and instead focus on your work, leaving your calls to be prioritised and dealt with in line with your task list.

Cost Savings

If you’re a small business owner then you will be familiar with the phrase ‘cash is king’ and understand just how important revenue is for a business. Hiring a full-time receptionist is an expensive thing, particularly in the early stages of a business’s growth. You might also be reluctant to hire someone for a full 9-5 job when there might not be enough work to keep a receptionist busy for those hours, but you still need the coverage just in case. This is the situation we find a lot of our customers in, and this is the area we see the fastest improvement in. Call answering services cost a fraction of what hiring a full-time receptionist would, and are available as and when you need them. This means you will always have someone on hand to answer and screen calls in office hours, but you won’t have to take the risk of hiring an employee. It’s a win-win!

Customer Service

If customer service is an important part of your business (and it really should be), then you know every interaction with your customers should be positive, from the word ‘hello’. As a business owner that might not always be possible – especially if that call has just interrupted a very important train of thought. But our call handlers are specifically trained to offer exceptional levels of customer service from the get-go. From knowing how to answer the phone properly (because yes, there is a wrong way to answer the phone), to being able to interact with customers in a friendly and natural way without a script, our call answering team can make your business look bigger, more professional and more customer friendly than ever before.


Being stuck to a desk or phone is incredibly restrictive for a business owner, and can often be damaging to your long term growth prospects. In an ideal world, you would be able to move around, attend meetings and networking events, be on site, visit suppliers and generally be as mobile and agile as possible in day-to-day life. A call answering service gives you that flexibility. With someone else to answer the phones, you can book meetings and leave the office as much as you like, while still having that peace of mind, knowing that your calls will be answered and messages received.
So, is a call handling service right for you? Well, if you’re spending more time on the phone than you would like to be, can’t always answer calls because you’re too busy, or just want to make sure all of your customers get a good first impression of you, then the answer is yes. And luckily, you’re in the right place. At Verbatim, we specialise in providing call answering services and full virtual receptionists to SME’s just like you. Our team are always on hand to make sure you have the support you need, whether that’s overflow call handling or 24/7 call answering support. Our prices start at just 40p per call, so if you’re interested, just get in touch with the team today and book your free consultation.


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