How to delight your customers with added extras

By Graham Hill

July 11, 2018

We all want to impress our customers, stand out from the competition and grow our business. However, that means going the extra mile and putting in a little effort to delight your clients.
It’s all about meeting and then exceeding expectations with some little added extras. That’s what motivates people to leave you great reviews, recommend you to their friends and stay loyal to you.
So, what are these added extras? Yes, you can offer loyalty schemes, discounts and deals but there are other ways that you might not have considered.

Surprise them with snail mail

These days, all we seem to get in the post is bills, the occasional takeaway menu and not much else.
So imagine opening up a handwritten card or getting a funny postcard. It would definitely stand out from all the boring post! I don’t mean a brochure or a flyer with an offer. Send something that feels more personal or that someone might want to keep. You might include a voucher or deal but it shouldn’t dominate.
Think about what would appeal to your customers and your brand to come up with ideas of what to send.
For example, do you want to use humour? Perhaps a postcard with a meme or funny quote? How about a postcard from the city your business is based in or an inspirational quote? What might a customer pin to their notice board, stick on their fridge or share on social media?

Feel free to get creative!

It feels good to receive something nice in the post and that feeling is what you want your customers to associate with your business. Emails just don’t have the same impact.

Share your expert knowledge

You should be positioning you and your team as experts. What do you know that your customers want to know more about?
Perhaps you’re a PR guru and can share your top tips on how to get featured in a national publication. If you’re a lawyer targeting SMEs, what are 5 contract mistakes you commonly see companies making?
You could share this information in blog posts, YouTube videos or emails. Perhaps you could deliver workshops or talks.
Don’t worry about giving too much information away. You didn’t get your knowledge and skills overnight and no customer will be able to replace you after reading a few blog posts!
Instead, you’ll be building the know, like and trust factor.

Take your customer service to the next level

Make sure that there is always someone available to answer calls. When a customer or client calls your company, having to leave a voicemail, being put on hold or getting no response will leave them feeling frustrated. They want convenience and reliability.
Instead, give them a great service where they can speak to someone friendly, polite, cheerful and engaging. You will leave them feeling confident that they are in safe hands.
If you and your team are busy focusing on other tasks, consider outsourcing some of these customer service needs.
Delighting your customers with these types of added extras is something a lot of businesses overlook and as a result, they risk losing customers to competitors or missing out on sales.

What does your business do to delight and impress your customers?

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