How to delight your customers with stand-out customer service

By Graham Hill

May 16, 2018

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again…
The quality of your customer service, and your ability to delight your clients, can make or break your business results.
And by “business results”, I mean your bottom line.
Today I’m going to share 5 ways for you to delight your customers – simply by tweaking your current approach to customer service. (That’s right, no expensive and time-consuming training or marketing campaigns.)

Ensure that every member of staff knows your products, services and systems inside and out.

This might seem like a glaringly obvious point, but you’d be surprised how many teams are not fully trained in every aspect of how their business works.
If someone answers the phone to you, and has to put you on hold while they investigate the answer to your basic question, it doesn’t give off the best impression, does it?
But if every call is handled efficiently, following a standardised workflow, with every query
answered comprehensively… pure delight.

Be friendly, polite and responsive in every situation.

Again, a seemingly obvious point, but not one that should be ignored.
If your team is busy, or harassed, or juggling important client deadlines they will not come
across open and willing on the phone… and the person on the other end of the line will feel that.

Stay on top of queries and complaints

One of the most thankless jobs in the world is being the person who has to deal with customer complaints… but dealing with them in a positive and conscientious way can turn that experience around for everyone.
The biggest tip we can give you when dealing with any type of negativity is to deal with it head on, and be open and honest with your customer, showing them that they are being heard.

Invest in outsourcing the steps your current team don’t excel at

It’s unlikely that you hired your current team because of their stand-out abilities to communicate over the phone. They are there to fulfil a specific role, and even if they might have picked up some of the customer service slack, that is not their zone of genius.
Consider outsourcing some of the customer service tasks your team is currently juggling, to ensure that every interaction with your business is beyond reproach.

Open the door to feedback… then do something about it

Open up a clear flow of communication between you and your clients, at different stages of your relationship. As an example, you could arrange client feedback sessions at every project milestone.
Then, and this important, evaluate this feedback and action it wherever possible. Then show your customers that you’ve done that… everyone loves to feel like their opinion matters.
Over to you – how could you delight your customers by refreshing your customer service?
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