Why call answering could be the best present during Covid-19

By Nick East

December 1, 2020

Every year business owners everywhere look forward to the end of December. It’s a time for everyone to kick back and properly switch off from work for a while, especially this year which has been a particularly tough one. Business owners need a break too, but it’s often a time of stress. Can I leave my business to its own devices for a few days? What if a client phones and no one is there to answer?

How will I manage with my staff working at home over Christmas? How will we manage holiday cover? Or sick cover? If that sounds familiar, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Thousands of business owners across the UK are going through exactly the same thing as you. But planning ahead for Christmas 2020 is half the battle, and we can help take the stress out of this time of the year.

Covid Christmas Call Handling

Ring ring. Ring ring. No-one to pick up the phone?. If your staff are on on a much-deserved break from the home office this Christmas, it doesn’t mean that your clients are too In fact, when some people relax, it’s a time when they might start thinking about their business services, and want to talk through future plans.. Or it might be when a customer finally gets the time to sit down and make a call. And if someone isn’t there to answer the phone, you could be losing out

Why Call Answering should be on your Christmas list

We spend a lot of the year talking about how call answering can help your business. We talk about everything from improving your productivity, improving leads and giving you a professional voice for your business. But over Christmas, a call answering service can give you something else – peace of mind. It can be difficult to switch off over the holidays, especially if you’re used to working at home. You may be trying to work out a way to keep things going during  a couple of weeks of complete closure.

We can help. From the second you walk away from the phone, you can have someone on hand ready to answer any calls your business receives, any time of day or night. For most businesses, this won’t be many, but it still provides you with a safety net to ensure nothing gets missed. And for customers, it means they never have to sit on the end of the phone waiting for someone to answer, and getting frustrated when nothing happens. Instead, they can have their queries answered, orders taken, appointments booked, or messages passed on, ensuring your brilliant customer service carried on throughout the year. You can even opt to receive a daily digest from us to let you know what’s going on, and keep you reassured that there are no problems, and everything is running smoothly. It’s honestly the Christmas present you deserve.

At Verbatim, we want to make sure you can enjoy Christmas 2020 in the way you want, without any extra stress or worry. We are here to give you as much or as little support as you need during the festive season, from answering your calls to running a full virtual receptionist service, giving you and your team the chance to relax and really enjoy Christmas. If you would like to know more about our Christmas cover, just get in touch with the team today, and give yourself the best Christmas present possible.


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