Is your marketing spend hitting the target?

By Graham Hill

March 22, 2011

Once upon a time back in the dark old days of the last century The Viscount Leverhulme of Lever Bros, fame said
50% of my advertising is wasted but I don’t know which 50% it is!”
This was so true for all businesses large or small; those with the deepest pockets could take the 50% punt, but for business owners like you and me the odds were stacked against us.
In the 21st Century that’s all changed with the advent of a liberal telecoms market.

Now you can save a fortune on your marketing budget by using cost effective Marketing / Call Tracking Numbers.
Nigel Botterill, one of UK’s most respected entrepreneurs and Founder and Director of Bestof UK , advocates separate 01( not 08 they cost mobile phone users too much to call ) Call Tracking Numbers for every piece of marketing material that you produce.
Nigel recommends unique numbers for your website, brochures, leaflets, every publication you advertise in, even your business cards.
Why would you want to do this I hear you asking?
By tracking each marketing channel you’ll know exactly what it is that’s making your phone ring, and that’s hugely valuable information that can save you a fortune with your marketing budget..
As Nigel says, “Call tracking is a no-brainer for any business owner who wants to be super-successful. It’s a must’. It allows you to know for certain how many calls each piece of your advertising/marketing generates for your business.”
Putting you back in control of your marketing will save you £ thousands a year.
Here’s our story…
We binned Yellow Pages and saved £1,800 pa, using the money elsewhere!

In the days when Verbatim, the phone answering service, advertised call answering in Yellow Pages we were persuaded to take three ads under different categories. The YP rep designed the ad, suggested headlines to pull, which got us really excited about the promises of lots of new enquiries. We supplied three different tracking numbers, unique for each ad.
The next year the YP rep called in to rebook our three entries with talk of increasing our enquiries if we took bigger and better ads. As always the pitch was very persuasive with talk of increasing the 30 to 40 new enquiries a month that our listings normally generate.
We declined the offer to continue advertising and you can imagine the reps reaction when we told her that our ads generated a grand total of 7 calls for the year, and three were test calls from us!
Now You Can Measure Your Marketing ROI…

…for less than the price of a coffee in Starbucks.
If someone had given me this tool when we first started Verbatim back in the dark old days in 1997 I would have bitten their hand off and had more time to enjoy a coffee with my clients.
For information on Marketing and Call Tracking numbers please call me, Graham Hill, on 01635 813280 or leave a comment here or via


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