Just Go

By Graham Hill

August 15, 2018

New job.
Existing job.
Financial problems.
Feeling stressed? I don’t blame you. These six things are reckoned to be the most stressful any of us will experience in our lives.
And you know what the seventh is?
Moving house.
And having ‘downsized’ recently, I can testify that the whole ‘moving thing’ really is incredibly stressful.
But once the stress was out of the way, I was so glad we did it.
Juliet and I had been in our farmhouse for over 20 years, and it was a beautiful property – lots of grounds and outbuildings and a stone’s throw from the River Thames in Oxfordshire.
Sounds idyllic, doesn’t it? So why would we want to move?
We said goodbye to 200m of hedges that had to be cut every six months.
We bid adieu to four hours of grass cutting every single week from the end of March to the end of October.
We finally said farewell to that feeling when you return from holiday and the garden has turned into a vast jungle, and that sinking sense that your next few weeks will be spent putting it right.
Now we’re based in a smaller house, set in 35 acres of picturesque parkland and gardens, on the former Spencer Churchill’s estate.
There are 77 other properties of all shapes and sizes on the estate, and the groundkeeping is immaculate, with carefully cultivated gardens and beautifully kept lawns.
When we go away now, we load up the car, shut the door and just go, safe in the knowledge that the grass will get cut, and the garden will get done, without us lifting a finger.
What would happen if you wanted to take a break from your business?
Would your calls get answered?
Would your diary get managed?
Would enquiries be taken and sales appointments scheduled?
Would the whole thing run without you?
If you couldn’t just ‘shut the door and jump in the car’, then we should talk.


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