Just because your staff need a holiday, it doesn't mean your business has to take a break too

By Graham Hill

June 14, 2017

Leave your business in good hands when you go on holidayWith the school holidays almost upon us, employees up and down the country are scheduling time off to look after their children. For larger organisations, this mass exodus of employees isn’t a problem; but for smaller business owners, summer can be a stressful time. With limited staff, customer service levels often suffer and potential sales can fall through the gaps.
We know how hard you and you employees work, but we also know it can be difficult to step away from your business; especially if you have limited staffing resources. A survey by Zurich found that two in five business decision makers (43 per cent) did not have more than five working days of holiday booked within the next 12 months, with almost one in ten (8 per cent) of SME’s taking no holiday at all in 2015.
We believe that the summer holidays are the ideal opportunity to recharge your batteries, but if the idea of stepping back from business or running with limited staff brings you out in a cold sweat, Verbatim’s call answering service might just offer the ideal solution.

Business as usual

Having just a few people out of the office can quickly become problematic. Not only are remaining staff burdened by increased workloads, but busy periods may result in unanswered calls and missed leads.
If you are approaching a period where you know you will be short of staff, Verbatim’s overflow service can act as an extension of your own team. This means you can provide information in advance to ensure your temporary receptionist answers your calls in the detail you require.

Emergency response

For businesses in the service or support sectors, a shortfall in staff can have a profound impact on the organisation. Customers will expect the same standard of service regardless of whether you are understaffed or not. We have a fully automated system specifically designed for your clients that need help urgently. Our EDGE (that’s Emergency Disaster Guaranteed Escalation) platform, allows your customer to report faults, breakdowns, and other urgent messages.
Your customers can call us 24 hours a day and their call will be answered by our cutting-edge automated system. Messages are then relayed to you or your team with details of who called, when, and what the problem is. Our fully automated software calls your on-duty team, going through each name listed until someone answers.

Diary management

Imagine returning from a relaxing holiday to find that your diary has been managed in your absence. Verbatim is able to fully manage your bookings using your preferred diary system, leaving you or your team free to enjoy the summer sun.
These are just a few of the services that we offer our customers. Whether your staff members are dipping their toes in the warm waters of the Mediterranean, or simply taking a day or two to recuperate, Verbatim’s bespoke call answering services will ensure that your business never misses a beat again.


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