Make 2019 The Year You Deal With Phone Phobia

By Graham Hill

January 18, 2019

Do you find the idea of answering the phone a little scary? Have you ever found yourself intentionally ignoring a ringing phone, hoping it will just go away? If you have a fear of talking on the phone, don’t worry, you’re not alone. The fear of making and receiving phone calls is common enough that it has its own name – telephonophobia. It seems that despite spending most of our time within arm’s reach of a phone, a lot of people dread actually placing a phone call.
But when you’re a business owner, phone calls are an important part of your life. It’s how your customers and prospects get in touch with you, how you communicate with your suppliers and maintain positive relationships. Which can be difficult if a ringing phone sparks anxiety. But it doesn’t have to. If you’ve been dreading the thought of answering the phone, we have a few tips that could help you overcome your phone phobia in 2019.


We often think that smiling is the result of feelings of happiness, relaxation and general positive things. But did you know that smiling can actually create those feelings as well? Research has shown that the physical act of smiling can create a neural feedback loop that tricks your brain into feeling happy. Smiling can improve your mood and relax you, which is exactly what you need to make you feel more comfortable on the phone. So even though no one can see you, go ahead and crack a big smile the next time you’re on the phone – we guarantee it’ll make you feel more comfortable.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Pauses

One of the big things we see in people with a fear of the phone is a fear of those long, awkward silences you can sometimes get during conversation. They feel they have to fill in the gaps and keep talking, which if you’re nervous about talking on the phone can quickly turn into babbling. But it’s important to remember that pauses are a natural part of speech, the ebb and flow of conversation. The next time you notice an ‘awkward pause’ in a phone conversation and start to panic, try counting in your head and see how long it lasts. Usually, it’s only a few seconds before someone picks up the thread again.

Speak With Energy

Think back to the last time someone left a great impression on you, either on the phone or in person. We’re willing to bet that they didn’t speak in a soft, quiet tone with no energy. Instead, they probably spoke with confidence and a spark in their voice. But a lot of those people will also suffer from phone anxiety – and you’d never notice! Instead, they follow the rule of ‘fake it till you make it’. Next time you’re on the phone, try speaking with confidence even though you might not feel it. You don’t have to go overboard, but putting on an upbeat tone on the phone can actually help you feel more confident and give you the self-belief to do it again, and again. Give it a shot, and tell us how it goes!

Get Someone Else To Do It

Of course, you could just outsource the whole thing. If answering the phone makes you break out into a cold sweat, it doesn’t mean your customers need to know. With a specialist call answering and virtual reception service, your calls can be handled by skilled professionals who understand your business. We can provide a professional face for your business, ensuring you never have to answer an unknown call again. Instead, you will receive instant messages that tell you who called, what they wanted and what action was taken, leaving you free to deal with the enquiry as you please.
At Verbatim, we love helping business owners suffering from telephonophobia or phone anxiety by answering the phone for you – it’s what we do best! All you have to do is speak to one of our team today (through our online chat box, email, or even phone if you feel up to it!) and we can create the perfect call-answering service for you. So, don’t let a fear of the phone hold you back this year. Take the bull by the horns and face your fears, one way or another!


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