Managing your phones need not be a Herculean task

By Graham Hill

June 21, 2012

Verbatim, the phone answering serviceAre you excited about the Olympics? It is getting ever closer and the anticipation grows as the torch winds its way through the UK, but much like a dark cloud on the day of a barbecue, there may be trouble ahead if you are a business hoping to trade during the event.
Naturally we wish our Olympians every success this summer and hope that they are laden down with gold medals and hope that the hundreds of thousands of spectators get to their venues in time to witness our triumph.
Verbatim, The Phone Answering ServiceHowever, all the passion comes at a price and without doubt will impact on businesses, not least making it difficult for staff to get to work and clients to access your business if you are near a venue. Perhaps employees have taken time off to watch the Olympics – or even to avoid it?
The point is your telephone will be under more pressure than normal for a British summer and we do know that people will hang up an unanswered telephone in less time than it takes Usain Bolt to run 100 metres. And don’t even think of using an answer phone – seven out of ten people do not leave a message and never call back!
Managing this problem needn’t be a Herculean task and Verbatim, The Telephone Answering Service For Small Businesses Is already taking steps to protect businesses during the Olympics and ensuring that the phones are always answered promptly and professionally.
Hayley Ryan from Verbatim, The Phone Answering Service explained: “There is so much we can do to help, from simply handling overflow calls that a company cannot answer itself, through to handling all the calls and either tracking down the right person, or taking a message; making sure none of your calls go unanswered with the potential loss of business or making a client unhappy.
“The Olympics is going to present challenges that might be new to businesses, but they are problems that we have been solving for a long time and we have a team that earn their gold medals every day!”
While you think that over, here are some Olympic Facts & Trivia! Did you know that:

  • There will be 14000 Athletes
  • 7000 Technical Officials
  • 20,000 members of the media
  • 11 million spectators in London
  • 3 million additional journeys on the tube each day
  • Rush hour is set the start at 5:30am

(source: Near
For more information about help with your phones this summer please contact Verbatim, The Phone Answering Service on 01635 576070, or through our contact page.


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