Why you need a telephone answering service (and don’t think you don’t!)

By Graham Hill

October 18, 2017

Graphic explaining why you need a call answering service
We know how important first impressions are in business. Our telephone answering service makes it easy for customers to contact you, meaning that you never miss another opportunity and existing customers always feel valued.
With over 20 years of telephone answering experience working with some of the biggest and indeed smallest companies in the country we offer exceptional customer service.

10 reasons why a telephone answering service will help you and your business:

1. Remove phone call distractions

Did you know that it takes an average of 23 minutes and 15 seconds to get back into a task after a distraction? Our working lives are dominated by calls and whether you’re working on a deadline, trying to focus on an important document or dealing with a customer, phone calls always seem to come at the most inopportune times! Our fully tailored call answering service allows you to take back control and ensure that service is never sacrificed.

2. Provide you with staff cover

Whether it be holiday cover or staff sickness, staff shortages can have a profound impact on your business, often resulting in unanswered calls and missed leads. Verbatim’s overflow service works as an extension to your team during these busy times, meaning your business can continue to run as normal, whilst we answer your phone.

3. Avoid holiday headaches

With staff often requesting time off, increased product demand and the fear of losing out on business whilst the office is shut, Christmas can be a difficult time for those who own their own business. Our flexible services are the perfect solution, giving you a virtual receptionist and the confidence to take a break and enjoy the festivities.

4. Resolve recruitment issues

Recruiting new staff, whether it be in temporary or full-time employment can be an expensive task. Time, effort and money all go into the process of hiring new staff. Our Verbatim Virtual package is a one-stop office hours telephone answering service which offers all the bonuses of hiring another pair of hands, with no training, wages or payroll to worry about giving you more time to focus on your business.

5. Give you well deserved time off

We know how demanding running your business can be, which is why taking a break and switching off is so important for business success. Our telephone answering packages mean that even outside of office hours, your business will have a real person ready to answer the phone.

6. Allow you to offer your customers a call-out service

For those businesses offering a round-the-clock service, call-out and emergency response cover can be added to our service. Our UK based out of hours virtual receptionists will man your dedicated 24/7 number and take action accordingly. Whether that be to transfer the call to you, a member of your team or to take a message, you choose how you would like your receptionist to respond and they’ll do the rest.

7. Manage your diary

At Verbatim we are more than just a telephone answering service, in fact there’s not much we can’t do for you and your business. Direct access to your diary means that our virtual receptionists can book, cancel and rearrange appointments for you, giving you more time to get on with what you do best.

8. Professionalise your business

We are in the relationship building business at Verbatim, which is why after the on-boarding process you will have one person on hand to take care of all your needs. Our experienced and reliable team will build trust with your customers, pay attention to detail, and reflect your values. Customers often don’t even notice that our receptionists aren’t in your office!

9. Track marketing campaigns

Call tracking is invaluable for businesses running marketing campaigns. Using unique numbers from your website, brochures, the publications you advertise in and even your business cards will allow you to track each of your marketing channels and find out exactly where your leads are coming from.

10. Improve your image

Appearance is everything in this day in age, a mobile number on a business adverts gives the impression that your business is not as reputable as the competition. We can provide you with a landline phone number to match your local area code, or if you prefer, an 084 or 03 number to give you a national presence.


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