Never miss another business call

By Graham Hill

July 9, 2010

How often have you missed out on a piece of business because you weren’t able to respond quickly enough to a customer’s call?
How often have you felt frustrated at being unable to contact someone by phone?
Or wasted valuable time negotiating a baffling list of callcentre menus only to be put through to voicemail?
Newbury-based Verbatim successfully address these issues by offering a professional telephone answering service at the fraction of the cost of hiring reception staff.

There is a huge volume of statistics to support the importance of good telephone answering.
According to reports carried out by BT, NOP, and The Survey Shop, 98% of people say poor telephone handling gives a bad impression of a company straight away (and 69% will never call back).
600 of the businesses surveyed indicated that poor telephone handling was costing their firms thousands of pounds in lost deals every year.
Over 30% said that if they found suppliers’ lines were frequently engaged they would usually place their business elsewhere, and 80% of callers preferred to hang up than leave a message on voicemail.
Staggering statistics which highlight the importance of dealing with incoming calls effectively.
So if the average business misses 15% of its incoming calls, and 40% of firms switch suppliers because of poor call handling, what is the answer?
Verbatim has been offering high-quality telephone answering services for 10 years and currently has a client base of over 500 companies of all sizes, all enjoying the benefits of reliable, friendly, and efficient call answering.
It works quite simply: customers can automatically redirect their calls to the Verbatim office if they are unable to answer their calls themselves.
The call is answered immediately by one of Verbatim’s highly professional staff using the appropriate business name.
They will either attempt to connect the caller or take a message.
Missed calls can often mean missed business, as the following testimonials show:
“In just one week we received ten calls that we would otherwise have missed. This resulted in an extra two bookings. This represents a 2000% return on investment.”
– Jeremy Hinchcliffe, Stormit Enterprises.
“Thanks to your staff we have taken approximately 30% more orders in the last 3 months. We could not have done this without their help.”
-Peregrine Pole-Carew, MD, Silver Direct.


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