Our gift to you this Christmas

By Graham Hill

November 28, 2018

What are you hoping for this Christmas? A new bread maker? Perhaps an indoor sky dive? Or some time off?
Unfortunately, we can’t fly you out to the Bahamas… but what we can do is handle your business calls for you whilst you are away, meaning that the only time you spend on your phone is taking those all-important holiday selfies.
Tempted? Find out how these businesses have benefited from having their calls answered during the Christmas season.

Mike the self-employed electrician

Mike wants to spend quality time with his family and new-born baby this Christmas. He gives the friendly team at Verbatim a call as he wants to change his cover, and explains he only wants emergency calls put through to him during the festive period and would also like his diary managed whilst he is away.
Verbatim know Mike and his business very well, and can identify what calls should be prioritised. Now Mike can completely switch off, knowing that he is not missing important business and that his calls are being answered by highly-trained professionals who maintain the positive image of his business whilst he is away. As Mike works for himself, having his diary managed reassures him that he is not missing out on new opportunities and has work booked in for the New Year.
Perfectly wrapped services suggested for tradesmen like Mike:

Sophie the IT support manager

In the last quarter, Sophie’s company have achieved record sales and have also acquired a huge new client! She wants to reward her team’s hard work with some time off this Christmas – what a way to boost staff morale!
Sophie knows how busy Verbatim get in the build up to Christmas so she calls well in advance to organise overflow call answering and some assistance raising support tickets. Sophie knows the business is in the safest of hands as receptionists can create and update tickets, log customer issues and assign a priority to each incident, relieving the pressure on the IT desk and allowing engineers to focus on urgent jobs.
Outsourcing call answering allows businesses to operate smoothly even without a full team, taking away the hassle of organising staff rotas and allows employees to have extra days off during the holidays!
Perfectly wrapped services suggested for managers like Sophie:

Nigel the butcher

Nigel runs the family business and Christmas is an extremely busy time of year, so he has no time off as business remains open as usual. To help relieve the pressure, Nigel outsources his call answering so he can continue to deliver professional and outstanding customer service as well as the best turkey in the area!
Hiring a virtual receptionist allows Nigel to focus on tasks without being disturbed and saves costs by eliminating the task of hiring and training temporary reception staff. Nigel feels less stressed knowing that his calls are picked up within three rings and he doesn’t have to be present to take orders and payments, this is all dealt with for him.
Perfectly wrapped services suggested for retailers and suppliers like Nigel:

Make us your New Year’s resolution

Is 2019 already looking busy? Could you do with a helping hand? Then why not try our six-week trial in January so it’s not just next Christmas that is all wrapped up, but all your other holidays are sorted too! Call us for more information.


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