Set up your call answering service with ease

By Graham Hill

July 18, 2018

One of the concerns businesses have about outsourcing is the initial set up costs – money, time and effort.
The benefits of working with a call answering service are clear:

  • never missing a sales enquiry or important client call,
  • freeing up your employees time to work on other profit yielding tasks and
  • ensuring your customers and clients receive a consistent service.

So, what do you need to do to get these benefits?
If you’ve been putting off setting up your call answering service because you’re concerned about what you’ll need to invest, this blog post is for you.

Is there a set up fee?

Yes – but this is for the additional work we put in before we start answering your calls. You need someone who can answer calls confidently, accurately and reflect your company in the best light. That’s why we make the effort to learn about your business and your callers.
We do this with all of our clients and will go through the simple steps with you.
Whenever you outsource any kind of work, we recommend choosing a company that puts in time and effort into learning about your business. Anything else suggests you won’t be getting a good quality service.

Will I have to invest in new technology?

No – we keep it all very simple. There’s no need to buy any equipment or pay for any software. We handle that side of things with our in-house technology which allows us to customise services to specific client needs.
The only thing you need to do is contact your telephone provider and tell them to arrange a call diversion facility on your account.
If this still sounds like more work than you want to do, we’re happy to contact them on your behalf.

How long will it take to get set up?

Worried about how long the setup process will take once you’ve set the wheels in motion? We’ve got you covered.
With our experienced staff and setup process, we can have most accounts set up and ready to go in 24 hours. Even less time in some cases!

Will I have to talk to multiple people to handle my account? What if I have questions?

You get a dedicated account manager who works with you from the start. That means one point of contact and fast answers from someone who understands your needs.

Will I have to change the way I or my team work?

No – we adapt to you. It’s our job to make your life easier and to help your business run more efficiently. You choose which calls you’d like us to answer. It might be all of them or only when you let us know that you are busy in meetings and need us to step in.
Outsourcing should make your life easier and giving you the time to focus on other important tasks in your business.
Having a complex set up process is understandably something everyone wants to avoid and we pride ourselves on keeping it easy, straightforward and fast.
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