Six reasons why you should make us your New Year’s resolution

By Graham Hill

December 18, 2018

Whether you resolve to spend more time with your family, take up that long-awaited hobby or boost your team’s morale, we can help. We are more than a call answering service, we give you the time to accomplish your New Year’s resolutions.
Did you know that if people see immediate benefits from their new habits, they are much more likely to stick with them? Outsourcing your telephone answering delivers instant rewards but also delivers benefits all year round. Here’s why you should make us your 2019 New Year’s resolution:

  1. Turn your business goals into a reality
    How much more productive would you be if your phone didn’t ring? Phones are essential for business, but the constant distractions can make us less efficient.Our virtual receptionist service takes full control of your calls during office hours, allowing you to focus on tasks that will help the growth of your business. Whether that’s training your staff on internal customer service processes or looking for new business, outsourcing your call answering can help you achieve your business goals.
  2. Make more time for your customers
    Building strong relationships with customers is essential for long-term business success. It also helps to build trust and increases the chances of sealing new or repeated business.Our overflow call answering service takes care of all your calls whilst you are away from the office. So, you can devote all your time to your customers without having to worry about missing business.
  3. Spend quality time with family and friends
    Research suggests that spending time with family and friends boosts happiness, even more than an increased income does.If you would like your weekends back, our 24/7 call answering service provides exceptional service, so you can spend undisturbed, quality time with the people you care about.
  4. Promote a better work-life balance
    Do you find it difficult to leave work on time?Our friendly receptionists will take care of your calls as soon the as the clock strikes 5pm. So, you can leave your work behind and take up those long-awaited hobbies.
  5. Extend your opening hours but not at your own cost
    We will take care of your calls during the weekends and will relay messages at a time that suits you, giving you the best of both worlds. We can even transfer emergency calls directly through to you.This means your business can stay open over the weekends making your customers happy. And eliminates staff rota’s and early mornings, keeping your employees happy!
  6. Boost staff morale
    The mood in your workplace can have a huge impact on productivity.Outsourcing your call answering means you can reward your staff with extra time off and send them on valuable training. This benefits your employee’s development and increases job satisfaction while your customers continue to receive quality customer service.

In the words of Ankita Singhal, “a small change can make a big difference” so what are you waiting for? Get in touch, we can’t wait to hear from you.


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