Starting The New Year On The Right Foot With Great Customer Service

By Graham Hill

January 6, 2020

At Verbatim, we are passionate about customer service. More specifically, about making sure your business provides the best customer service it can, at all times. But before you can do that, you need to be able to ask yourself what good customer service looks like, and how that is reflected in your own business and practices. We have a few thoughts on what makes good customer service, and how you can incorporate these practices into your business ready for the New Year.


The first step to delivering great customer service is to ensure your customers are satisfied. That means providing not only a great product/service but performing an important business role for your customers at the same time. So start out by looking at what you’re delivering, and how you are delivering it. Are you responsive? Do you prioritize the customers’ success? Do you provide vital information quickly, supplying useful products and services that meet or exceed customer expectations? Getting these basics right will set the groundwork for satisfied customers and great service.


Of course, customer satisfaction isn’t enough without trust. When a customer trusts a supplier, it means they can depend on them to answer questions, deliver steady, unchanging quality, consistently perform well and provide accurate information when they need it. Gaining a customer’s trust can take some time and may require some effort on your part, but it’s worth it in the long run.


Every single point of contact, no matter how small, is an opportunity for customer service. A common misconception is that customer service is only relevant when something goes wrong – but actually you should be striving for good customer service all the time! Don’t worry, this part isn’t too hard. Just try to make sure that with each interaction, you:

  • Help get a job done
  • Move projects forward
  • Contribute useful information
  • Remove roadblocks with troubleshooting and tips
  • Provide resources that make development easier


Customers in this day and age don’t wait for anybody, and they don’t do second chances, either. So you need to make sure you get that first impression right and keep it up. Make sure you and your team keep organized and never let a deadline pass. Returning customer support enquiries and communications in a timely manner can mean the difference between a happy customer and a dropped sale, and being able to answer the phone every time it rings makes a big difference.


Effective feedback is positive, and a regular part of communication and availability for your customers. A business with great service always cares enough to provide input about anything that could be useful for improvements, or that could generally help support their customers in growing and succeeding. Informative feedback makes better business decisions possible and can be very effective in ending recurring problems. This means looking at the data you have, proactively preventing and solving problems before they are brought to you by the customer, and treating every customer as a partner, whose success is just as important as your own.


All of this adds up to service – and you want yours to be great. Great service means advice and assistance given before, during and after the sale. Providing and developing extra services makes it easier for customers to buy from you, and to have a good experience, and your service makes it easier for them to keep coming back with a smile on their face. Some of the things that make great service include:

  • Customer friendly support
  • Useful services and resources
  • Versatile and adaptable support services
  • Solutions that make it easier to do business
  • Enthusiasm, courtesy and going the extra mile

At Verbatim, we work closely with businesses to help improve their customer service across the board by handling calls, providing virtual receptionists and even a full customer support service. Remember, at its heart, great customer service looks like it isn’t there, because you never need to escalate anything and everything just works – and that’s what Verbatim can give you. So, when you’re looking at what you can do to improve your customer service in 2020, consider using a call answering service to relieve the stress and make real change. To find out more, just get in touch with the team today.


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