Treating customers as a welcome guest

By Graham Hill

October 8, 2018

We try to get out to Corfu at least once a year – it’s a home away from home.
And – crucially – my favourite bar in the world is there.
It’s a close-run thing with the Cresselly Arms in Pembrokeshire, but the Damianos Bar in Corfu IS the best bar I’ve ever been to, in the most beautiful setting.
Damianos is in a little village on the North East part of the island, overlooking the Ionian sea, and it’s just the most idyllic watering hole.
And that’s one of the reasons I’ve been going for 25 years.
But not the only reason.
You see, over the years, we’ve made so many friends in Greece, and going to Damianos gives us an opportunity to catch up with those contacts, one of whom is the eponymous owner of the bar.
And what’s amazing is that every time we go there, he greets us like long-lost friends.
He knows our names, he knows what we like and dislike, and he knows what football team we support.
I’ve no doubt he knows similar details about other customers too, and I’m always amazed by the fact that he continues to remember us, and continues to treat us like family, even though a year might go by between us seeing each other.
And because he’s worked to build this relationship with us, we keep going back, year in, and year out.
At Verbatim we try to deliver this same feeling of treating your clients and regular callers like welcome guests. All of our clients have access to our VIP and frequent caller module so that when a regular calls your office we’ll treat them like a welcome guest, just like my good friend Damianos. It’s all part of the Verbatim service.
There’s a huge amount for us all to learn here – the more elevated your relationship with your customers, the higher the chances of them returning to do business with you again and the higher the chances of them referring you more customers.
What are you doing today to elevate the relationship with your customers?


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