Verbatim behind the curtain: Call handler interview with Frankie

By Laura_Donohue

August 18, 2020

I had the pleasure of speaking with Frankie Morrison, one of our friendly and bubbly Call Handlers. Frankie started as a Call Handler for Verbatim in early 2018. After many years of previous customer service roles, he is happy to call Verbatim ‘home’. He loves that no two days are the same as he takes roughly 100 calls per day from customers. Join us as we pull back the curtain and learn more about Verbatim’s talented call handlers.

What made you want to work for Verbatim?

I went from retail work, to office temping, to wanting to do something more permanent. I like it! It’s a relatively small office so it feels more like a family vibe in the working environment as opposed to the bigger offices where I was a temp.

Can you give me an example of how Verbatim treats everyone like a family?

We take the mick out of each other, which, of course, you don’t usually get from management teams in normal office environment. Of course, here, it’s slightly different. So that gives is that family feel. Every now and then we have days out, but I’ve never been to one! I was ill for the last one. For a team bonding day, they did sheep herding!

I’ve come across a lot of different team bonding days, but never sheep herding?

From what I’ve heard, it’s mostly us lot shouting at each other, rather than actually helping the sheep! It’s a good laugh.

What do you like most about working at Verbatim?

No two days are the same. It’s always the same clients you’re answering for, but you always get to speak to different people.  Sometimes they’re really lovely and sometimes they actually get to know you.

How do you think you make such a lasting impression on callers?

I honestly have no idea!

It must be the Scottish accent?

Yeah, probably is! It wouldn’t surprise me. I think it’s also because of the  customer service approach we use, it helps customers get to know and trust us. That’s sometimes what callers tell me and If I’ve spoken to them before then often ask to get transferred to me to help them out because they like speaking to me.

I’m sure everyone brings something different to their calls. What’s the “Frankie Touch” that you have, other than the accent?

I think it’s because I’m generally quite happy and bubbly on the phone. I tend to speak to them like they’re a person than just like, ‘Right, I have them on the phone, got to get this, get them off the phone, bye.’ I’m not like that. I cannot be like that. I bring that human touch to customer service.

What do you think sets you apart from other telephone answering services?

I think it is more of that human touch. We pride ourselves on our customer service rather than pushing people through and getting their information and getting them off the phone. We’re all from a customer service background. We do have a lot of staff that have experience working in office environments rather than just dragging anyone in that can type something down really fast on a keyboard. We do extra things for our clients as well.

Can you give me an example?

So, like most companies won’t do what we call a data capture form, where we set up an enquiry form for the company if they don’t already have one. We’ll make one for them so that we can target particular information that we need. You do get that in some companies, but they’ll have it scripted so that they have to follow a set script. You can kind of tell if you’re being run through a script rather than having that more natural vibe to it, which I like with our company as well. It’s not robotic with us. Our only scripted bit, for most of our clients, is, “Hi, welcome to ‘Company Name’. My name is ‘Name’, how can I help you?” then everything else is off script. Unless, of course, the client wants us to do something a little bit more scripted, in which case we will. It’s mainly our level of customer service that sets us apart from the rest.

Frankie wants to hear from you!

Frankie and all of our other talented call handlers cannot wait to support your business. Whatever your needs are, our team will go above and beyond. Don’t waste another second, try us free for 30 days.


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