Verbatim helps Africa to fight Ebola – and receives the AquAid Badge of Support

By Graham Hill

October 15, 2014

Verbatim’s support of AquAid has provided Africa with a much needed new water well to provide clean, safe water – a vital resource that will help villagers there fight the current outbreak of Ebola.

Verbatim's new water well in Africa
Verbatim’s new water well in Africa

Now completed the pump (called an Elephant Pump) bears Verbatim’s name as seen in the picture. We are equally proud to display our AquAid Badge of Support and the team here were all touched when we received a certificate and letter of thanks from the people aided by this new water well. Verbatim will continue to support AquAid as a long standing commitment to helping the people of Africa, especially during times of crisis.
Founder and owner of Verbatim – Graham Hill says this…
“As a boy I lived in northern Nigeria for 4 years and as a young Graduate trainee I had temporary posts in Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa. I have also travelled on business extensively to Sudan, Algeria and Libya. What struck me then (and this is going back 40 years) was that women would walk for miles every day from their villages to collect fresh water in pots on their heads and then return to their village hours later. Nothing much has changed sadly and to think you and I turn on the tap every day and take it for granted, yet millions of our fellow beings don’t have access to fresh water and good sanitation. We need to stop thinking of it as an African problem but one shared by our species / fellow humans and now with Ebola – which I know will be exacerbated by the lack of hygiene and fresh water. So I applaud AquAid and am proud to contribute via this trusted supplier.”
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