Verbatim Survey Success

By Graham Hill

June 26, 2010

In a recent survey, Verbatim asked their customers to rate their services.
Not only did they receive an exceptionally high response rate, the survey returned some very positive feedback.
In the process, Verbatim also managed to raise a healthy £300+ for a local Berkshire charity.

Verbatim conducted an email survey recently to help ensure they were providing the right level of service to their customers.
The resulting response rate exceeded 30% – an exceptionally high figure for this type of survey.
In keeping with their commitment to support local charities, Verbatim donated £2.50 for every completed survey mailed to them by their customers.
This gesture meant over £300 was raised for Berkshire Community Foundation. Verbatim Director Graham Hill explains:
“This represented one “quick response” grant to a small community group which can apply funding. For example the Orin Close Residents Associate had a grant for a an outing for the older people.”
The survey itself revealed some pleasing results for Verbatim:
* 85% rated Verbatim’s message quality as good to excellent
* 94% rate Verbatim receptionists as good to excellent
* 94% rated the Verbatim service as important or very important to their business
* 93% surveyed are happy to recommend Verbatim
Handling thousands of calls annually, Verbatim and its preferred partners are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


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