Verbatim’s 12 Days Of Christmas

By Sam Smith

December 8, 2020

It’s December, and you know what that means? It’s time to start arguing about when it’s acceptable to put up the Christmas decorations while tucking into a mince pie and lamenting about how Christmas seems to come around quicker every year. At Verbatim we love Christmas time and even more so in 2020. In fact so much so that we’ve made up our own little carol for our very own 12 Days of Christmas, to show you what Verbatim could do for you this holiday season. So, grab your best (or worst) Christmas jumper and let’s sing together:

1 Forwarding Number

Working with Verbatim doesn’t have to be complicated. You don’t need to set up lots of different numbers for us or faff about with difficult agreements. All it takes is one forwarding number, which we can help set up and program, and some, all or none of your calls will come straight through to us without disturbing you.

2 Free Weeks

Wouldn’t it be nice to know you don’t have to rush back to work? That you can take that full 2 weeks’ break over the festive season just like everyone else, but your business wouldn’t suffer for it? Verbatim can give you that. With flexible call cover as and when you need it, you can use us to answer your calls during the Christmas break (though hopefully there won’t be many!), even if you don’t use us for the rest of the year. We can give your clients messages, let them know when you will be back or pass on a message to you, leaving you free to enjoy 2 completely free weeks of rest, fun, family time and food.

3 Great Receptionists

At Verbatim our virtual receptionists are bright, cheery and friendly all year round – even Christmas Eve! We go through a thorough briefing process with our clients so that our receptionists are armed with all the information they need to take and manage your calls, without relying on a stuffy and robotic sounding script. Instead, your customers can speak to a real person, have a genuine conversation and hang up feeling well taken care of.

4 Good Reviews

No, no 4 calling birds – but calling customers who had such a good experience, they leave you a review! The way your calls are handled might seem like a small thing, but it can make a big difference to your customers. This could be the first contact they have with your business, and if they can see a positive message left by customers this will encourage them to think your company are worth working with.

5 Hot Leads

Christmas is a slow time for some businesses, which can leave them wondering where their next customer is going to come from. But did you know that you’re already missing out on hot leads, simply because you aren’t able to answer the phone all the time? Verbatim’s call handlers can accept each and every call you get, capturing those leads that would otherwise fall through the cracks and delivering them to you piping hot, right next to your plate of turkey and sprouts.

6 Good Night’s Sleep

It’s much easier to sleep soundly at night knowing everything is under control. But it doesn’t always feel that way when you’re a business owner actually daring to take time off. Wouldn’t it be lovely to be able to turn the phone off at night, and not worry about missing anything? Our 24/7 call answering service gives you the gift of rest, particularly at Christmas time. Just turn on forwarding and let us worry about the calls while your offices are closed, and get yourself a good night’s sleep knowing that everything is taken care of.

7 Days of Service

In our books, 24/7 means 24.7. So if someone calls you on Christmas Day, the phone will be answered. You get a full 7-day service no matter what time of year it is, so you can be sure you never miss a thing.

8 Happy Clients

No one likes calling someone only to listen to the ring for a few minutes and then getting an answering machine. They likely won’t leave a message, and probably won’t call back either. But with a call answering service, anyone who calls your business can be met with a real person, who can handle their enquiry and wish them a Merry Christmas as they go. This means happy customers all round!

9 New Appointments

Want to make sure you don’t miss anyone wanting to make an appointment over Christmas for the New Year? Worried you’ll lose business if they change their minds? Send your calls to us, and we can get them booked in right away, so you can come back to a full diary ready to go.

10 New Messages

If your business doesn’t need to operate over the holidays (as in, you don’t deal with emergencies or urgent things), then there is really no reason for you to be disturbed by the phone at all. With Verbatim, anyone who does call you can leave a message with one of our friendly receptionists, and when you come back to work you can just collect your messages and deal with them in your own time. Simple!

11 Orders Placed

Orders placed and processed while you take time off? Yes, please! At Verbatim our call handlers can take and place telephone orders for you at any time of year, so all you need to worry about is getting them sent out. Getting new sales has never been so easy.

12 Peaceful Days

Christmas is, first and foremost, a holiday. And you deserve to relax and enjoy it just like everyone else. So, no matter what you do, make sure you won’t have to worry about the phone ringing while you’re trying to unwind by the fire. Using Verbatim for your Christmas phone cover means all 12 (or more) of your days will be peaceful, merry and bright.

Be honest, did you sing it all the way through? We did! At Verbatim, we want you to get all of these gifts for Christmas, and more. That’s why we invite you to join our Christmas call answering service and experience the true meaning of a relaxed, happy Christmas. Our call answering services are flexible and comprehensive, designed to give you as much or as little support as you need during the festive season. If you’d like to know more about Christmas cover, just get in touch with the team today.


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