We all need "Protected Time" at work!

By Graham Hill

September 16, 2010

Most of us face this type of frustration at some time, due to the constant interruptions we experience at work. So, whether you’re a business owner, director, manager or executive, you need ‘protected time’ for those important tasks that need your undivided attention.
Typical time stealers can be a knock on the door, an email popping up on screen or perhaps a voicemail or text notification, but one of the main culprits are telephone calls which can eat into our protected time at an alarming rate!
Imagine the following scenario in your office – you have an important document to prepare for a client. This should take about an hour or so to complete. You start work at 9:00am and need to finish it by lunchtime. Whilst working on it, you answer a dozen phone calls.
If the average incoming call takes five minutes (including the associated outcomes and actions), and your re-immersion period is fifteen minutes, that call has cost you 20 minutes in terms of productive writing time. The result is half a day lost and the document is late and rushed, leading to lost productivity and increased frustration.
The flip side is that we also need to be available – calls can bring lots of positives, new business opportunities being one of the most obvious and we certainly can’t afford to pass up those when they come along. So therefore we have a dilemma – how to keep our protected time but at the same time make sure that customers and prospects alike realise they are hugely important to us and are responded to in a professional and inclusive way.
One way is to use an outsourced telephone reception service such as we offer at Verbatim. By diverting your calls to Verbatim, you get the chance to work in peace and be considerably more productive – however, you also have the peace of mind that your calls are being answered by human beings at a professional reception service and so your clients and potential prospects are receiving the level of courtesy and attention that you’d want to give them yourself!
So with your calls answered professionally, you can get on with the key work at hand – and of course making sure that those other time stealers don’t creep up on you as well!


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