What can small businesses learn from London 2012?

By Graham Hill

August 6, 2012

I don’t know about you but I have been blown away by London 2012 – not just the performances of our athletes but by the whole event.
It makes me proud to be British.

You just have to tune into R5 and the BBC television coverage and witness the crowds inside and outside the stadia up and down the country to feel the buzz.  So what can we learn?
And it’s not all about the athletes.
Sarah, our Financial Controller at Verbatim, the phone answering service had a wonderful day watch the rowing at Eton Dorney last week. She was struck by everyone involved from the games ambassadors, the shuttle bus drivers to the meticulous organisation of the event.
“Everyone was smiling, friendly and polite and couldn’t have been more helpful. The attitude and friendliness was so unexpected, but wow did it make a difference to our overall experience. The rowing wasn’t bad either!”

So what can we all learn?

  • Enthusiasm – is so infectious, it’s great to be around positive people
  • Good manners – the glue of a civil society
  • Service mentality – making visitors feel welcome in Britain – being warm and friendly builds rapport and breaks down barriers.
  • Determination to succeed – the thousands of volunteers (no pay) knowing their role and delivering great service to visitors with a smile.
  • Best practice – athletes determined to score a PB (personal best)
  • Hours of practice and dedication to be the best – what you put in you get back in bucket loads – not just medals – ask the GB men’s and women’s handball teams who lost every match. They are inspiring a generation of youngsters to take up this sport (new to Britain)
  • Team work – highlighted in the opening ceremony with the hundreds of men women and children – unpaid volunteers who had to spend 140 hours, that’s nearly 4 working weeks of their personal time to rehearse – just spectacular
  • Pride – to say loud and clear this represents GB and what we stand for

Where have you heard this stuff before in the context of your business?
Answers on a post card please!!!!
Seriously drop me an email on what you think transfers to your business.  (And has it inspired you to take up sport?  I’m back in the swimming pool!)
You may not know I’m a sports fanatic and can’t get enough of the coverage on the BBC – and haven’t they done brilliantly too.

Ben Hunt-Davis Olympic Champion and yours truly Graham Hill

So I was delighted to see our Sydney Gold Medal rower, Ben Hunt-Davis, in the crowd roaring on GB girls to gold success on Super Saturday.
Why do I mention him? – well, here’s Ben and I with the Olympic torch and his gold medal. Until these games there have only been 147 gold medal winners from Great Britain in the history of the Olympics, so to meet one was a real privilege.
At team Verbatim my “Virtual Ambassadors” (VAs) are inspired to “Delight our clients and transform their businesses” with professional call answering.


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