What do you sound like?

By Graham Hill

September 7, 2018

Last week I shared two experiences we had with Uber, and how individuals in a company can have a tremendous impact on your brand, both good and bad.
And it’s something that I wanted to address in a bit more detail this week, as it often seems to me that a lot of businesses pay precious little attention to the message that the individuals in their business give to prospective and existing customers.
So, I’m going to ask a question: what does your business sound like?
I’m not talking about your hold music, or the jingle that accompanies your videos and digital commercials.
It’s the style and tone of the writing and communications that come from your company, both verbal and written.
Take a look at some of the biggest companies in the world – like Apple and Google.
Have a read of their copy, or speak to them on the phone and what you’ll find is that they communicate in a very specific way.
In the case of both of those brands, it’s simple, friendly, relatively informal and brief.
Now, that might not be right for your brand, but what is right is that you spend time to consider the right ‘voice’ for your business.
You see, every time your prospects and customers interact with your business; whether they visit your website, get an email from you or speak to one of your team, they’re experiencing your brand, which means that it’s absolutely vital for you to maintain a consistent voice throughout.
That’s why Olivia Jones, my colleague at Verbatim, takes time during the onboarding process to get to really understand the brand voice and target audience for every single one of our customers.
Your style might be modern and informal, it might be slightly humorous, educational or professional but business friendly.
Whatever it is, we’ll work hard to ensure that this is what’s experienced by the prospect or customer – for us it’s a key part of truly representing your business on the phone.
Whether you use us or not, I urge you: consider the experiences that people have with your voice. Are they consistent? Do they say what you want them to say?
Have a great week.
01635 573208 / verbatim-cc.co.uk


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