What's the worst that could happen?

By Graham Hill

October 24, 2017

We spend a lot of time looking at the benefits of call answering services for the buyer, after all you are our customer and you need to be happy!
However, from over 20 years of experience, we know that our job is to keep your customers happy. So, we thought we’d explore a few worst-case scenarios and show how we can help you ensure that these nightmares never become a reality.

Diary management – what’s the worst that could happen?

New mum Julia is booked to have a new haircut. After weeks of searching for the perfect salon and looking forward to a pamper, the day finally arrives and she is hopeful for a few hours of luxury. However, her hairdresser is constantly distracted by the salon’s phone, making appointments for other clients and leaving Julia for long periods of time. Julia gets increasingly agitated as her hairdresser continuously excuses herself to answer the phone. After all she is paying the hairdresser to cut her hair, not answer other people’s calls!
Eventually she gets so annoyed that she walks out of the salon, a most inopportune time given that only half of her new fringe had been cut. She couldn’t wait to complain about how bad the service was at her mother and baby group that afternoon.

Diary management – the Verbatim way

New mum Julia is booked to have a new haircut. Upon her arrival at the salon she is welcomed by her hairdresser and swiftly brought a cappuccino accompanied by a selection of biscuits. After discussing the options for her new style, the hairdresser gets to work, even giving her an Indian head massage!
After marvelling at how calm and organised everything is, Julia discovers that the salon recently started diverting all its diary management calls through to a call answering service leaving the staff with more time to pamper their clients.
Apparently, it still works out cheaper than hiring an onsite receptionist.
Julia skips off to her mother and baby group, where she sings the salons praises to all her friends. The salon has a huge influx of new customers and goes on to be voted the best salon in the county in the Hairdressers 2017 awards.

Professional image – what’s the worst that could happen?

After years of working in the city Stuart has taken the plunge and decided to set up his own business as a web developer, to keep costs down he is currently operating from his home office. During his second week in business he gets a promising lead from a Google advert, who asks for a call at 11am the next day.
The next morning is a disaster, his kids are at home after a notification the school is closed and the dog won’t stop barking at a squirrel in the back garden.
Stuart’s phone rings and without a second thought he answers, barely audible (above the squealing of excited children and the deafening sound of Fido) is a well-spoken man. Stuart immediately realises the time and runs towards the sanctuary of his office. Sadly, the damage is done, despite Stuart’s comprehensive pitch, the prospective client decides to go with a ‘more established’ company.

Professional image – the Verbatim way

After setting up his own business as a website developer, Stuart worried that balancing work and business would be an issue, especially as he works from home.
He was keen to be seen as a professional outfit and knew how much his brand could be tarnished if a client called whilst the kids were screaming or the dog was having a meltdown.
After realising that his needs could easily be tailored into a flexible package to suit his growing business, he decided to invest in a call answering service.
Now he can relax knowing that his phone will be answered in a timely and professional manner, allowing Stuart to never be caught unprepared for important calls.

24/7 service – what’s the worst that could happen?

George and Maggie book a weekend away for their 30 th wedding anniversary. The hotel is beautiful and the happy couple head straight to the onsite spa for an afternoon of pampering.
Before they settle down for their couple’s massage, Maggie reminds George to turn his phone off, she’s sick of him always getting interrupted by work calls.
After a few hours in the spa, they head back to their room to get ready for dinner. George notices a missed call from an unknown number. With business being slow over the past year George worries that he may have missed a job, and fears that the caller will have called a competitor.
George spends the rest of the weekend glued to his phone in case it rings again, Maggie is so annoyed that she suggests they go home early, as he clearly only cares about his work.

24/7 – the Verbatim way

George and Maggie book a few days away for their 30 th wedding anniversary. Upon their arrival, they head straight to the spa. After a relaxing afternoon using the facilities the couple return to their room to prepare for dinner. George picks up his phone to see that the call handling team he hired have been answering his diverted work calls whilst he was relaxing.
George enjoys the rest of his time away, returning to work feeling revived and ready to deal with the customers that his virtual receptionist booked in for him. He speaks to the CEO of one business who reveals that they were so happy with the level of service they received that they would like to go ahead with a new contract. The job turned out to be worth an astonishing £5 million!
Once the work is done, George decides that he is now in a position to sell his business and use the profits to move somewhere warm. The couple now reside on the Costa Brava coast and never have to worry about missing another call again!
You see, a call answering service can have a huge impact on your business. While these scenarios may have been embellished, there is no denying the value of call answering services for your business. You can find some of our real-life customer stories here.


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