Who will answer your telephone when you go roaming this summer?

By Graham Hill

August 9, 2012

Who Will Answer Your Phone When You’re On Holiday This Year?
After months of wondering if the summer is ever going to arrive, it’s now here with a vengeance!
In fact, the weathermen are saying this is the longest spell of warm weather the UK has had for the last six years.
It’s great news for summer holidaying, but perhaps bad news for small business owners who can find it hard to switch off and take a break – especially if you still need to be available to answer your phone.
So what are your plans?
You can of course take your phone with you.
You can even divert your landline to your mobile to ensure you won’t miss a call.
But if you accept calls whilst abroad, your telephone charges are going to soar.
And even if you’re holidaying here in the UK, by ensuring you continue to be available to talk with customers and prospects, you could find yourself juggling enquiries and questions at really inconvenient times.
Do you really want to be disturbed whilst you’re lying on that sun kissed beach?
Are you going to be able to concentrate on that quote request when your kids are tugging you to join their next adventure?
Is it really appropriate to take that call when you and your partner are in the thick of a meaningful conversation?
Let’s face it. Holidays should involve taking a proper break. After all, as a small business owner you work hard and definitely deserve one. In addition, when you down tools properly, you’ll return refreshed and rejuvenated and probably brimming with lots of innovative ideas to drive your business forward.
You DON’T need to answer your phone…
The hard truth is it doesn’t need to be you who answers your phone. In fact, making yourself too available can be a bad thing because:
• You put your plans at the whim of your customers
• You’re more likely to be disturbed for small, silly reasons
• Your productivity will suffer because you’ll never get enough done
Instead find a different solution and outsource your call answering.
Here’s how it works…
Benefit from the professionalism of a highly trained receptionist
Once you’ve chosen your preferred call answering provider, you’ll be able to divert your number with confidence.
Highly trained staff with exceptional telephone answering skills will answer your calls and respond to your callers as if they were one of your employed team.
What’s more, you don’t have to settle for a simplistic “sorry but Bill is currently unavailable, can I take a message?”
That’s because call answering services are now highly sophisticated and tech orientated. What this means for you is you can provide information in advance to ensure your temporary receptionist answers your calls in detail.
Here are some of the options available to you:
1. Take an order / enquiry by filling out a bespoke contact form that’s been created specifically for your business to meet your requirements.
2. Give different messages to different people depending whether or not they’re on your VIP list.
3. Collect contact details of people who called so you can respond to them on your return. You can even arrange for email messages to be sent to you so you can stay in the loop.
Add it to your holiday checklist
So you see, there’s really no reason for your phone to go unanswered when you take a break.
Outsource to the right call answering service and you’ll get the confidence to switch off from work knowing any sales enquires or customer questions are being professionally answered in your absence.
And if you’d like to discover what makes the Verbatim Call Answering Service so special, feel free to give Hayley or one of the team a call. We’d love to help out.


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