Would you trust your business calls to a bunch of convicted criminals?

By Graham Hill

May 20, 2011

Indian Call Centres driving down costs by employing Jail birds!

We kid you not! We are flabbergasted having just read an article quoting the Indian call centre, Radiant Infosystems, who are planning to implement this bizarre idea to staff a telephone answering service. This Indian call centre has plans to help rehabilitate criminals and offer them employment while getting dirt cheap labour by employing them to staff an inbound call answering service at the Hyderabad Cherlapally Central Jail.
The plan is to hire 250 of the inmates, who can earn up to £1.50 per day, (note up to £1.50 per day), to do things like handle bank account applications and insurance claim forms.

The plan is raising interesting questions among those who handle inbound telephone answering services for things like lead generation, and handling bank forms and insurance claims. No doubt.
Data protection is becoming the new oxymoron. Would you trust your business or your bank’s calls to a bunch of convicted criminals? We expect some of them will be serving sentences for fraud, maybe even telephone fraud!
The company claims that prisoners won’t have access to any sensitive data or information about the callers. Ho Ho pull the other one. There is already so much fraud and identity theft to worry about without a bunch of criminals being paid getting their hands on our data.

Meet some of our inmates!

Rest assured our telephone answering service is based in Newbury, Berkshire in the heart of the Thames Valley and all of our ‘inmates’ are free to come and go as they please and earn much more than £1.50 per day to professionally handle calls!
Indeed many have been working here for ten years or more and we celebrate their tenth year with an early release scheme and parole!
Ann, one of our superstars, keeps on re-offending and is on a long stretch having already served thirteen years in our call answering service for small businesses.


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