Your #productivebusiness: How to process orders effectively

By Graham Hill

May 23, 2018

The quest for productivity… it seems to be a mission all of us business owners are on, whether we sell products or offer services.
Because creating more time, means getting more done, which means making more money, which means opening the doors to bigger opportunities.
You may think you’re already being as productive as humanly possible, but there are always ways to do your different business activities more efficiently… and we thought it might be fun (and helpful) to share a mini-series of posts outlining a few ways to streamline different tasks that may currently be taking up a lot of your time and energy.
Today, we’re talking about processing orders.

Step 1: Calendarise stock taking to prevent back orders

Obviously this step applies specifically to those business who sell physical products.
Systematise the way you review your stock levels – we recommend once a week to make sure you have everything you need. We all know how frustrating it is to order something that you’re really excited about receiving, only to hear that it has been put on back order.
You don’t want your customers to feel like that.

Step 2: Create a standardised ordering procedure

Typically, there will be multiple ways that somebody can place an order with a business, whether that’s through your website, over the phone or via email.
The trick to making all of these come together in the most streamlined way is making sure you use the same order form (and process) every time.
Outline a clear policy that describes how somebody can place an order and then what happens once they do. Which department does it get sent to? Who is tasked with overseeing it? What timescales are attached?

Step 3: Create an automated order confirmation

This is exactly what it sounds like – no matter how somebody has placed their order, make it a matter of course to send them an email confirmation. This will make it significantly easier to track delivery and deal with any subsequent queries.

Step 4: Bring the right people on board to streamline order taking and ensure smooth running

If you run a fast-paced business with a small team, you might just need some support to process all of those telephone orders…
I bet you didn’t know Verbatim could step in and help, did you?
Yes, that’s right, we’re more than just a call handling service. We can qualify leads, take bookings and process orders for you.
To find out more about how we can help make you more productive, click here.
Over to you – what’s your favourite trick for streamlining the ordering process?


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