Call Centre Or Call Answering Service?

Call centre or call answering service

If you’re spending more time on the phone than you would like to be, can’t always answer calls because you’re too busy, or just want to make sure all of your customers get a good first impression of you, then a call answering service is for you.

Bespoke Call Answering – Does It really Make A Difference?

At Verbatim, we believe that bespoke is the only way to approach call answering. Every single client we work with is unique, and so is our approach. We don’t use scripts, so your customers will feel like they are speaking to a real person

The Dangers Of The ‘Free Trial’

Many businesses use free trials as an incentive to attract new customers. They will ensure best possible treatment and service are offered during the trial. Once on board, they will rely on the clients ‘laziness’ to keep them.

What Would An IT Company Do With Call Answering, Anyway?

Being an IT consultant is a challenging job, and one that is often viewed as a lot simpler than it actually is. Have you ever considered using a call answering service to help you provide support to your customers while running your business efficiently?

Virtual Phone Numbers – What, Why And How?

Virtual phone numbers

Virtual phone numbers, or Direct Inward Dialling, are a type of telephone not requiring a traditional telephone line in order to work.
There are many ways a business could use a virtual phone number, depending on what their needs and aims are for their company.