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Here we answer the questions we get asked the most. Want to know what hours we operate or how easy it is to set up?

Statistics show that on average, businesses miss 15% of their incoming calls. Of those callers, 80% won’t try again if they got the engaged tone, and 70% won’t leave a voicemail.

Sound familiar?

If you’re doing everything you can on the marketing front to attract the right people’s attention, but then miss their call when they do get in touch, what’s the point?

Work with a call answering service and you’ll never miss a sales enquiry or an important client call again.

We take your calls from 8am-6.30pm Monday-Friday and 9am-2pm on Saturday.

Outside these hours we offer a free unlimited voicemail to email service.

We also offer a 24×7 service which operates 365 days a year including Christmas and all UK bank holidays.

First of all, you choose which calls you’d like us to answer.

You can leave all your calls to us, or only have us step in when you’re unavailable to take it yourself. You may be on another call, in a meeting, or just out for a spot of lunch.

Just let us know which calls you’d like diverted to us and over what hours and we’ll get to work supporting you straight away.


It’s a very simple process at your end and there is no extra technology. All you need to do is to contact your telephone provider to arrange a call diversion facility on your account. Or if you prefer we can call them on your behalf.

Set up is simple and we have most accounts up and running within 24 hours. In fact, very often in less time than that.

Your calls will be picked up by one of our experienced call handlers. Every one of our small team is fully trained, friendly and professional by nature and they’ll be well briefed on about your company and regular callers before they handle your calls.

Our team is full of exceptional people. They are the life of the business, and we treat them accordingly.

As a result, our staff turnover is tiny, which means our call handlers have all the experience you’re looking for when you’re not answering calls yourself.

As many of our clients have told us, with our team “you can hear the smiles”.

Outsourcing your calls is far more flexible than recruiting in-house, as you can adapt the amount of work you need from us as often as you like. Not to mention the fact it cuts out the cost and resource-heavy recruitment process entirely.

How we answer your calls is entirely up to you.

We work with an extensive range of companies, all with very different approaches to answering calls.

Yes. You’ll find us in West Berkshire on the outskirts of Newbury. Feel free to drop by for a visit.

Yes. Our standard approach is to provide a personalised voicemail to email facility outside of usual working hours, so all messages left are automatically emailed to you as a sound file.

If, however, you need a live call answering service round-the-clock, that’s no problem either. Discover more about our 24/7 call answering service here.

For reference, our usual working hours are from 8am to 6.30pm Monday to Friday, and 9am to 2pm Saturday (excluding bank holidays).

Under no circumstances will any of your incoming calls be missed or rejected. Rest assured that we can answer multiple calls on your behalf at any one time.

Firstly, you let us know what your preferred greeting is for new callers and whether there are any particular ways you’d like us address regular callers.

Essentially, at the heart of everything we do is adaptability.

Our call handlers are consistently polite and used to adopting an appropriate tone for different callers.

One rule we stand by is to never be too overfamiliar. It’s all part of our mission to be courteous.

If one thing’s for sure, it’s that with Verbatim, your reputation is always in safe hands.

Not once.

We make sure we have all the details of your regular callers before we start answering your calls.

Not only does this avoid embarrassing situations by allowing us to address them personally, you can give us specific guidelines or actions to follow from one regular caller to the next.

Yes. All your calls are logged.

We’ll email you the details as and when calls happen and you can keep tabs on everything as often as you like by visiting your secure online portal.

Of course you can. In fact, we encourage you to let us know your status from day-to-day so we can handle calls in the most helpful way possible.

It’s simply a case of giving us a call, emailing or using your secure online portal to keep us in the know.

Nothing —landline or mobile, it’s all included in your monthly plan.

Better still, we’ll always let you know who’s calling you before we put them through, so you can choose to take the call or not.

We’ll work with you to agree the best fixed-fee monthly call plan for you, anticipating how many calls we’re likely to handle for you in that time.

If we overestimate, or you have a quiet month, unlike with other providers your unused calls will simply rollover to your next month with us, no questions asked.

And if your usage continues well below the calls initially allocated in your plan, we’ll help you move to a more suitable plan.

Yes. But wait, it works in your favour!

You see, it’s essential we spend a little time getting everything in place – learning all about your business and regular callers – if we’re to perform to the best of our ability on your behalf.

This small upfront cost ensures you get to make the most of our services and expertise in the long term.

You can take on our call answering services on a month-by-month basis or start with a fixed fee, fixed term subscription of 12 months plus.

Here are just some of the reasons why our existing clients have chosen Verbatim over anyone else…

  • You’ll be provided with a unique personalised call answer service thanks to our in-house technology which allows us to customise services to specific client needs.
  • Your clients won’t feel like they’re being received by a call centre. Each office space has noise cancelling measures, and each staff member wears a noise cancelling headset.
  • Our team are all proactive, friendly, professional and experienced in customer service, with many carrying high level NVQ qualifications.
  • We offer you a dedicated account manager to help from the very beginning.
  • We strive to become a part of your business by reflecting your values, your ethos, and your brand image.

99% of people who try us, stay with us

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    What our clients say about us

    Natasha Kearslake Organic P&O Solutions

    I now have a professional receptionist service that I am proud to recommend

    The service is superb. I now have a professional receptionist service that I am proud to recommend to family, friends and associates in the knowledge that they too could benefit from the peace of mind that they will always be represented well to their clients, prospects and suppliers.

    Natasha Kearslake,
    Organic P&O Solutions

    Jason Lloyd ISAMS

    An amazing service and a great bunch of friendly people to work with.

    We started using Verbatim a few years ago and haven’t looked back since. As we’ve grown as a company it has been reassuring having Verbatim there taking our calls, ensuring we’re not missing anything important and being there when we need them.

    Jason Lloyd,