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Convert more website visitors

Why choose Verbatim for web chat answering?

30 day free trial for live web chat

free trial

A completely free, 30-day trial (capped at 100 chats) . Try it and if it’s not for you, cancel anytime within the first 30 days.


Increased lead generation/sales

Answer questions, allay concerns and pick up more leads. Leads (with full transcripts) are sent immediately – ready for you to convert.


Live at weekends and evenings

Have your live chat managed by UK-based agents 9am-10pm Mon-Fri & 9am-7pm Sat, Sun & bank holidays. No hidden fees, no tie-in period.


100% UK-based team

Our chat and receptionist teams are entirely UK based.

lead qualification icon

Conversion rates of 40%

On average, 10% of unique website visitors will interact on chat, we convert* a minimum of 40%.


Easy set up

Our chat software is very simple to install and integrates with all leading website software including WordPress, Shopify, Wix and Drupal.

* By conversion we mean a positive outcome e.g. a phone number taken for call back or advice provided. Interactions might be with existing customers.

Turn website traffic into leads...

All types of customers

Our web chat clients include all types of businesses, from carpet cleaning companies, to legal firms and security specialists. In an age where customers expect instant answers, we ensure your visitors don’t go elsewhere if they get stuck. 

'As if by magic'

Those of a certain age might remember a children’s programme in which the shopkeeper appears, just at the right moment to help the eponymous Mr Benn. Like the shopkeeper, our chat agents are there the instant your website visitors need help. 

Proactive but unintrusive

We have found for most clients, a proactive but unintrusive chat approach works best. After a visitor has been on your website for a short amount of time, the chat window will open, which often prompts a conversation.    

Recent success stories

Some of the results we’ve had over a one-month period include: 126 chats resulting in 52 leads for a Skylight fitting company, 38 enquiries from 70 chats for a firm of solicitors with two offices and 11 enquiries from 27 chats for a cleaning company.

Common Web Chat FAQs

Not at all. Our team is small enough (and we go to great measures) to ensure we know your business inside out before we get started. It means most of your website visitors won’t have so much as an inkling that anything’s changed, not least that you’ve outsourced your web chat.

Web chat is available:

9am-10pm Monday to Friday.

9am-7pm Saturday to Sunday & Bank holidays.

There is no way we can tell until we start your trial. We do usually find that websites with more traffic get more chats and sites with more chats get more leads.

We have clients who typically only have 4 or 5 chats per month, but the 1 or 2 leads generated each month is more than enough for their specialised or high-priced products/services.

The amount you pay is calculated by the number of chats you have per month. You will be placed within one of our packages e.g. up to 50 chats per month. Your 30-day trial will give us an expected monthly chat allowance based on your monthly needs.

Yes! We can customise the design to suit your brand colours.  You can add the custom box before, during or after your trial.

We work with you to get your chat box live on your site as quickly as possible and usually it’s a very simple process. We have taken clients through the process from designing a custom chat box and installing the code on their site within hours of registering.

A ‘chat’ is a meaningful engagement, using the chat box that we install on your website. For example, we may have a chat with one of your website visitors about your business, services or the products you provide.

Our chat works across any website, even Wix, as long as your website provider allows you to include JavaScript (if in doubt get in touch, we can help you figure this out).

Start a FREE trial

Start a FREE 30-day web chat trial.
Don’t delay, call us today on 01635 576070 or
fill in the form and we will be in touch:

Start a Free trial

Start a FREE 30 day webchat trial.  Don’t delay call us today on 01635 576070 or fill in the form and we will be in touch: