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Estate agents and property services

We are always here, even when you're here, there and everywhere

When you’ve got properties to view and places to go, managing your diary and you customer enquiries can be challenge. With your verbatim virtual receptionist on hand to take your calls and manage your appointments, you can relax and focus on viewing your next property.

A call answering service tailor made for Estate Agents

“Verbatim has very much been part of our team since 2000, providing a reliable, polite, accurate and cheerful service”

Verbatim's call answering services mean that estate agents can now focus on making sales and carrying out viewings without worrying about missing client calls back at the office.

With most people searching for new homes outside their working day, Verbatim allows your office to be open 24hrs. Your customers will be pleased to find their call being answered which will inevitably result in new leads ready and waiting on your return to work.

Belvoir Lettings

It's surprising how many calls we'd miss without Verbatim

When I relied on my phone, I'd all too often return to the office to see that while I had been away I missed 10 calls, but I only had three messages. Thanks to Verbatim, now I come back with 10 detailed messages instead of 10 missed calls. As the business has grown we've taken on a full-time receptionist but we still rely on Verbatim - it's surprising how many calls we would miss while we're on the phone.

Mike Betteridge,
Belvoir Lettings - Poole & Westbourne

Knight Frank

Verbatim has very much been a part of the team since 2000

Verbatim has allowed us to get on with the job at hand in the full knowledge that when we are too busy our calls and clients are being looked after in a very professional manner. Verbatim has been very much a part of the team since 2000, providing a reliable, polite, accurate, and cheerful service.

Anthony Clay,
Knight Frank - Hereford

Why a virtual receptionist is perfect for estate agents

Receptionist answering a call
A professional response every time 

We know that it can be hard to keep a calm and confident manner every time the phone rings, especially if you’re out on a property visit or with home buyers in the office.

A virtual receptionist will work from your script to deal with calls in a professional tone every time, leaving your customers happy and you free to get on with your job.

Personalised call answering for estate agents
We will create a bespoke call answering package for your requirements as an estate agent. From taking just a couple of calls a day,  to manning the telephone 24/7, we can step in however you need us to.  
Receptionist answering the telephone and smiling
Estate Agent answering call
Handle higher call volumes

Peak periods of business caused by the fluctuating housing market may often require more hands-on-deck to take calls. Our professional call handlers will happily handle the overflow. 

We can support you whenever call volumes increase, so you don’t need to worry about changing your plan to cope with any extra or unexpected demand.  


No more unwanted calls 
A Verbatim virtual receptionist can act as your telephone gatekeeper and filter out the important calls from those you don’t want or need to take. 

Unwanted enquiries about properties that have been taken off the market or unsolicited sales calls can be a nuisance. As well as taking them on your behalf, our call handlers can also help to get you removed from the contact lists, to stop them from bothering you in the future. 

answering the telephone
Receptionists based in the UK 
Verbatim’s UK-based receptionists are all trained and highly skilled at taking calls. This means that they always communicate clearly and effectively when speaking to your customers. 
They will also be fully briefed on your estate agency, to provide a seamless extension to your customer service team. 
Verbatim telephone answering service


Personalised call answering options providing coverage for as little as one phone call a day, through to manning your busy phones 24/7.

Virtual receptionist


Your own team, full office hours with diary management and order taking options included.

24/7 call answering

24/7 call

Our 24/7 emergency call answering service means you’re there for your customers when it matters most, without you even needing to be involved.


Web chat

Convert more website visitors with our managed web chat service – try our 30-day free trial.

Other services we offer

Business continuity and disaster recovery call answering service with immediate switchover.

Geographic numbers, 0800 numbers and 0844 local rate numbers rapid set up to meet your business needs.

We’ll take that tricky first conversation in our stride so you don’t have to.

What makes Verbatim different?

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Our pricing is transparent with no hidden extras. We include text messages, order logging, logging opportunities in your CRM, and an out-of-hours voice messages to email service in your monthly fee.

South England based icon

South England based

We're based in Newbury, Berkshire in the heart of  the South of England countryside. We pride ourselves in being an integral part of the local community, supporting local charities and even our local football team Hungerford Town. 

No Script Icon

No script

We're a small dedicated team of customer service professionals dedicated to answering your calls as if we were a member of your staff. We don't rely on scripts and take every telephone call is as if we are present in your office.

industry expert icon

Industry experts

We've work with clients across a wide variety of industries and we will very likely know how to talk your industry talk. From accountants to estate agents, technology companies to Foodbanks.

industry expert icon

Tailored to your business

Much more than telephone answering. We can do everything from taking orders, managing your diary, qualifying leads to creating a virtual call centre to handle a sudden ramping up of your customer services requirements.

30 day trial icon

30 day trial

We’re so confident you will prefer our warm and friendly answering service to an anonymous call centre alternative, we offer a 100% money back guarantee if you’re not entirely satisfied.

99% of people who try us, stay with us

100% money back guarantee. Don’t delay call us today on 01635 576070 or fill in the form:

We promise we will never share your information with third parties – see privacy policy.

News and resources

Strategy and Trends
How to maintain business continuity

It’s a good idea to put some time aside to make sure that your business’s contingency planning is second to none. The following steps will not just prepare you for the unknown, they can also help to improve efficiency and cut overheads at the same time.

Customer experience
Outstanding customer service every time

The quality of your customer service – and your ability to make your clients happy – can make or break your business, along with your bottom line. Here are five easy ways for you to delight your customers, simply by tweaking your current approach to customer service.

Strategy and Trends
Should I outsource my customer service?

There are a number of steps you can take to choose a call-answering partner for your business. This will help you to find a reliable call handler or virtual receptionist who can offer you a high standard of service.

Frequently asked questions

Statistics show that on average, businesses miss 15% of incoming calls. Of those callers, 80% won’t try again if they get an engaged tone and 70% won’t leave a voicemail.

Sound familiar?

If you’re doing everything you can on the marketing front to attract the right people’s attention, but then miss their call when they do get in touch, what’s the point?

Work with a call answering service and you’ll never miss a sales enquiry or an important client call again.

Outsourcing your calls and web chats is far more flexible than recruiting in-house, as you can adapt the amount of work you need from us as often as you like. Not to mention the fact it cuts out the resource-heavy recruitment process and other unnecessary business costs entirely.

We can fit into your business however you want us to. You’re free to choose which calls you’d like us to answer. You can leave all your calls to us, or only have us step in when you’re unavailable to take them yourself. You may be on another call, in a meeting, or just out for a spot of lunch. Just let us know which calls you’d like diverted to us and over what hours. We can get to work supporting you straight away.

Web chat can bring many benefits to your business. It’s important to be available to customers at a time that suits them, in a way that’s most convenient for them. Web chat is often the preferred method of communication for those with limited time. Our web chat answering service will make sure you’re covered.

Our web chat software is very simple to install and integrates with all leading website software including WordPress, Shopify, Wix and Drupal. Most of your website visitors won’t have so much as an inkling that anything’s changed, not least that you’ve outsourced your web chat.

Yes. You’ll find our office headquarters in West Berkshire on the outskirts of Newbury. All of our call answering and web chat answering staff are based in the UK. 

Feel free to drop by for a visit.

For call answering, it’s a very simple process at your end and there is no extra technology. All you need to do is contact your telephone provider to arrange a call diversion facility on your account. Or, if you prefer, we can call them on your behalf. Set up is simple and we have most accounts up and running within 24 hours. In fact, very often, in less time than that. 

Yes, all your telephone calls and web chats are logged. We’ll email you the details as and when calls or chats happen. Leads (with full transcripts) are sent immediately, ready for you to convert.

You can also keep tabs on everything as often as you like by visiting your secure online portal. 

For call answering we’ll work with you to agree the best fixed-fee monthly call plan for you, anticipating how many monthly calls we’re likely to handle for you in that time.

For web chat, the amount you pay is calculated by the number of chats you have per month. You will be placed within one of our packages eg up to 50 chats per month. Your 30-day trial will give us an expected monthly chat allowance based on your monthly needs. 

Your calls and/or chats will be picked up by one of our experienced call handlers. Every one of our team is fully trained, friendly and professional by nature. They will be well briefed about your company and your regular callers before they start to handle your calls or web chats. 

Our team is full of exceptional people. They are the life of the business and we treat them accordingly. As many of our clients have told us “you can hear the smiles”. 

As a result, our staff turnover is tiny, which means our call handlers and virtual receptionists have all the experience you’re looking for when you’re not answering calls yourself. 

Here are just some of the reasons why our existing clients have chosen Verbatim over any other company to handle their calls: 

  • You’ll be provided with a unique and personalised answering service thanks to our in-house technology, which allows us to customise services to your specific needs.
  • Your clients will never feel like their calls or chats have been outsourced.
  • Each staff member wears a noise cancelling headset.
  • Our UK-based team are all proactive, friendly, professional and experience in customer care, with many carrying high-level NVQ qualifications. 
  • We offer you a dedicated account manager to help you get the best service from the very beginning. 
  • We strive to become part of your business by reflecting your values, your ethos and your brand image.