5 things you might have been wondering about outsourcing

By Graham Hill

May 9, 2018

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Making the decision to outsource different activities in your business is a big one. In fact, it’s one that most business owners put off for longer than they should, because there are so many doubts and concerns that come up.
And while, yes, it can feel “dangerous” to trust others with your business baby, the benefits far outweigh the risks.
I mean, just imagine a world where you can focus all of your energy on the jobs that fall directly inside your zone of genius.
Here at Verbatim, we talk to a lot of business owners making those first steps towards outsourcing, so today I thought I’d share a handful of the biggest worries that crop up again and again (and we’d resolve them).

Will I be sending my clients to a frustrating overseas call centre?

Without a doubt, the thing we get asked about most frequently is whether our virtual receptionists are UK-based.
In fact, “Is Verbatim based in the UK?”, is the number #1 most clicked on link on our FAQ page.
Gone are the days when “outsourcing” means farming out your call handling to an international call centre with annoying delays, incomprehensible accents, and anonymous advisers unable to shed any real light on your business products and services.
By the way, the answer is NO. If you partner with Verbatim, you’ll be blessed with a virtual receptionist living and working right here on the home front.

Will someone else be able to delight our clients the way we would?

I won’t lie to you, there are service providers out there who do not promise the same quality of care as we do. Some call answering services, for example, offer an automated system or scripted responses. If you opt for something like that, then no, your clients won’t get that same personal connection.
However, if you shop around, and find the right fit for your brand values, your clients and
customers will be delighted at every step.

Will it stop my customers from feeling connected to us as a business?

No matter what service you’re outsourcing, you will be able to find a provider who is willing to study your business, get to grips with your ethos and style, and convey that in every single project or interaction.
Verbatim is no different. We train each of our virtual receptionists on the ins and out of your business so that any callers feel as though they are speaking directly with a member of your team.

Will our customer service suffer?

Again, it comes down to who you hire.
If you go for the cheapest available option, probably. If you do your due diligence and find somebody who has the experience and the skill to charm your customers, your customer service will not suffer. In fact, if anything, it will improve exponentially.

Will I be able to trust support that isn’t employed directly by my company?

This is always a tricky one.
If you’ve been there since day dot of the business, you will be attached. There’s no two ways about it. However, loosening the reins a little is what will give your company the space to grow and scale.
Trust will come over time. When you first outsource something, you can expect to feel a little uncomfortable, but that will soon change.
Are you ready to talk about outsourcing some of your customer service? Book a chat
with us here.


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