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5 tips for excellent telephone customer service

By Nick East

November 2, 2020

Now, more than ever, a patient tone and a gentle manner are needed for telephone customer service. The world is upside down, and the pandemic has people feeling more stressed and on edge than ever before. On the downside, that means customer service providers are going to feel the full force of it. It can be hard to rise above it and keep providing excellent service, especially when you’re just as stressed as the customers you are helping. So how do you keep providing the best possible customer service? The answer is simple, follow our easy tips below and you’ll have it nailed in no time. 

1. Listen Actively

Always be attentive and listen to your customers well. Take in the information they give you so that you can not only demonstrate a better understanding of their needs and how you can help them. It also makes the customer feel more comfortable and reassured as they know you are listening to their concerns. There is nothing worse for a customer than feeling ignored. 

2. Be Courteous and Go the Extra Mile

Remain polite and kind at all times, even when it feels difficult. Using simple phrases like please and thank you create a better environment for the customer. Where possible, go the extra mile to get them a better deal or speed processes up so that they leave with the best possible experience and glowing recommendations. 

3. Use Plain Language and Explain

Remain professional, but avoid technical terms and specific jargon as not everyone understands these. Where needed, always take the time to explain so that the customer fully understands the situation or what they are agreeing to. Don’t be condescending with explanations either, they are a normal part of the process. 

4. Don’t be Afraid to Refer

If you are stuck, that is what your supervisor is for. Never be afraid to refer them to someone you feel is better equipped to answer the question at hand. After all, you want the customer to have a positive experience and ensure their question is answered quickly. There is no shame in deferring to someone who is better versed on the topic and it shows your willingness to please as well as learn. 

At Verbatim we handle all manner of telephone calls and enquiries on our client’s behalf from providing directions to the office, to taking orders over the phone, but we always know when its the right time to hand the baton over to somebody else. 

5. Always Summarise

Before you start to solve the issue, summarise the conversation first. Repetition helps you to process a better solution, and also gives the customer the chance to add anything that you or they might have missed. Not only that, but it demonstrates active listening and creates a strong mutual understanding between you that will result in a better call. 

A little goes a long way

It’s the little things that matter, and they are what will make or break a good customer service call. As long as you remember these five simple tips, you are sure to experience a great conversation and one that benefits not only you but also your customer – boosting their mood and ensuring they leave the call as satisfied as possible.

 Of course at Verbatim, our virtual receptionists will ensure your customers receive the best possible customer service on your behalf.  So if you can’t take that important customer call, or don’t have time to deal politely with an unwanted sales calls, just ring us on 01635 576070 and test us out! 


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