Do you need admin staff or a call answering service?

Image showing difference between admin staff and call answering service

Here at Verbatim, we often have conversations with business owners looking to grow their operations. One of the first new roles these bosses try to fill is admin support. The big question – should they invest in a full-time administrator or in a call answering service?

Do this one thing for your business today

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If there’s one thing you can do today, to make people feel that good about interacting with your business it’s this: audit your phone answering system.
Your instant response to this might be “we don’t have any problems with our phone system”, but even if that’s true, there are always ways that you can improve your customer service. And when that customer service can lead to increased client satisfaction and much more repeat business, why not give it a go?

5 ways to deliver a killer first impression of your business

Blog image how to deliver a killer first impression

It takes only 7 seconds for someone to formulate their first impression of you and your business. And it takes an additional 7 meetings for them to change their opinion of you. Here are a number of things that you can do to make sure your business always makes that killer first impression.

How do you know if you really need a phone answering service?

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Investing in a third party service to filter, manage and transfer your incoming calls is not the right choice for every business. However, having somebody handle your calls is a must for all. That onus cannot fall on the boss, who should be out there bringing in more work, or the technical staff, who should be out there delivering projects and providing services.

How to create a seamless service without having to do everything yourself

How to create a seamless service

One of the biggest concerns a business owner will face when delegating any task is this: Will they be able to do this as well as I would do it?
This worry remains the same, whether you’re passing on responsibility to a full-time member of your team or outsourcing one small element of your service, such as your call handling.

How much does a phone answering service cost?

Money in a hand - how much does phone answering service cost

Well, with that question, we’re inching closer and closer to “how long is a piece of string” territory, aren’t we?
The no frills answer is, as with anything, you get what what you pay for… but that’s not much help, is it? We all want to make the most budget conscious decisions for our businesses and that’s not always the easiest thing to do, what with all the different options that are out there.
But that’s what we’re here for – we want to help you make the most informed, cost-effective choice for your business.

Treat yourself to a stress-free Christmas

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Around 472,000 small business owners planned to work every day over the Christmas holiday in 2016 without a single day off. Research suggests that the cost of employing staff is an ever-growing issue, and small business owners are taking 11 days less holiday per year in comparison to full time workers’ holiday entitlement.
Verbatim have looked at three of the biggest concerns that business owners face during the holiday period, and have perfectly wrapped solutions to ensure you get the break you deserve this Christmas, without it affecting your bottom line.