Here’s Why Smart Business Owners Answer Their Phone Within Three Rings

three rings image

Does this sound familiar? You’re right in the thick of an important piece of work. You’re in the zone. You’re focused and you’ve got a sense that you’re on the verge of something pretty significant. And then the phone rings…   It’s frustrating. To start with your concentration is broken. In addition, there’s the risk […]

Virtual Assistants: Why they are different from Virtual receptionists and how to choose

Virtual Assistant and Virtual Receptionists

Virtual services can be highly cost-effective and, in a world where remote working is here to stay, can critical to keeping your business operating as normal.  Virtual services can be anything from accountancy to marketing and there are two services that are frequently confused with one another: virtual assistants (VAs) and virtual receptionists (VRs).  A […]

Workplace well-being: More than just buzzwords

Did you know that the average person spends 21% of their total waking hours at work? Over a 76-year lifespan, we’ll spend around 40,000 hours working. That’s a long time! No matter what kind of work setting you supervise, promoting a culture that supports worker well-being is essential to running a good business. This is […]

Does My Small Business Really Need A Call Answering Service?

Lots of people wanting to contact a business

No matter what size your business is, having a receptionist is a huge advantage. Not only does it free up your time as a business owner to do more important things (like the activities that make money), but it ensures your business is presenting a sleek, professional image to the outside world.