Announcing our brand new service: Pirate Telephone Answerin’!

Avast me harteys! Welcome aboard the Blasted Verbatim! ‘Tis that time of year again and International Talk Like a Pirate day is upon us. To celebrate this momentous occasion, It’s been all hands on deck as our call handlers (or should we say band of buccaneers) have been exercisin’ their sea legs and chasin’ pieces […]

Star Wars spotted at Greenham Common

As every Star Wars fan now knows, the Millennium Falcon and two X-wing fighters have been spotted at Greenham Common in West Berkshire, just a 40 mile drive along the M4 to Pinewood Studios, and home to Verbatim – Thames Valley’s leading call answering service for businesses. With ‘Episode 7’ of Star Wars currently back on […]

Winners receive their weight in beer

We joined in this year’s World Cup football fever by running a Keepy-Uppy Challenge throughout the duration of the Games – the lucky winners were awarded their weight in beer. The challenge was run throughout the World Cup games, and the winners were announced on 16th July. Local businesses on the Greenham Business Park received […]

Staff profile: Ann's story – 16 years at Verbatim!

Staff profile: Ann Davidson – 16 years working for Verbatim In 1998 I found myself at home with a two year old son.  I needed to get back to work and answered an ad in the local paper for a job at Verbatim. I got the job and started working 3 mornings a week and […]

Managing your phones need not be a Herculean task

Are you excited about the Olympics? It is getting ever closer and the anticipation grows as the torch winds its way through the UK, but much like a dark cloud on the day of a barbecue, there may be trouble ahead if you are a business hoping to trade during the event. Naturally we wish […]

Are you being seduced by telephone technology?

The Daily Telegraph reported a story on 24th August 2011 about Devonian Brian Evans’s experience of phone technology when booking a hospital appointment. They covered it in their third item on their Comments section. This is the complete item. “Speak after the tone… “When Brian Evans rang his hospital in Devon for an appointment, he […]