The call answering professionals: Over 23 years of virtual receptionist experience

Our new pricing – simpler and even better value

By Nick East

February 10, 2021

23 years ago we set out on a mission to ensure our clients would never miss an important call again. Today, our core values remain the same – provide an exceptional customer experience, for the best price possible, with no hidden costs.

When we started back in 1997, things were a lot simpler. Now a quick search on Google for ‘telephone answering service’ brings up a huge number of different companies all claiming to offer the best deal but on closer inspection  include a myriad of hidden charges and extras.

We’ve reviewed our pricing, compared ourselves with market leaders and new arrivals alike and we’re even more confident that our straight forward fixed-minutes packages offer the best value out there.

Simple pricing, no hidden charges

We’ve introduced new fixed fee packages tailored to the number of minutes our clients use each month. We pride ourselves in having the clearest pricing in the market and our research has born this out:

  • Call transfers: Call transfers, or call forwarding, is when we connect you through to a caller on whichever number you specify. Unlike most of our competitors, our transfers are included in our monthly fee. Some don’t even provide this service (they just take a message) and most who do charge up to 30p/min to a landline and often even more to mobiles per call transfer!
  • Text or email message alerts: Another thing to be wary of. Instead of a call transfer, you may wish to receive your calls via a text message or email instead. Text messages are included in our plans, but our competitors charge between 5-20p per text, which can quickly add up.
  • Unused calls: We all know that one month can vary greatly to the next, but with Verbatim if you do have a quiet month, you won’t lose your minutes. We’ll let you roll them over to the next month as a standard practise, unlike most of our competitors.
  • Additional minutes: But if you go over your call volume, beware! This is where extra costs can certainly catch you out, with some companies charging a whopping £1.95/min if you go over your call plan allowance! At Verbatim we only charge £1 per minute and will regularly advise on upgrading or downgrading your plan to ensure you get best value if your needs change.

“I love the ethos and the flexibility of the company. Verbatim is, and always has been ethical in how staff, clients and suppliers are treated — not many companies can say that. As well as the best service, we know that we need to consistently review what we offer our customers to ensure we create the best plan possible for their business, as well as the best value for money.”
Sarah Berrington 

Verbatim has experience in creating bespoke solutions for a client’s needs. We want to make life easier for you – so these extra features come as standard at no extra cost.

Status updates are also included in our plans, as well as logging information (for example, adding information into a CRM or e-commerce system). We offer the flexibility to change between plans at no extra cost.

Money back guarantee

And we’re so sure that you will love our service, we offer a 30 day, 100% money-back, guarantee.

If you would like to know how a bespoke call answering service like ours can benefit you, just get in touch with the team today


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