Are you confident you’ve got your return to office strategy right?

It’s hard to imagine that the UK announced lockdown protocols three months ago. When lockdown began, many businesses scrambled to create and implement remote working solutions. Fortunately, a study has found that only 9% of surveyed workers rolled out remote working poorly. In the same study, 77% of employees felt their company handled the transition […]

How much are missed calls costing your business?

COVID-19 has truly tested business continuity. Many businesses are scrambling to respond to the deluge of calls with the majority of their workforce working from home. Every time a call is missed, the potential for revenue is lost. In a 2014 study of UK small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), BT Business reported that missing one […]

5 steps to ensure business continuity AND save money

More than 40% of businesses affected by the Manchester bombing went out of business never to return. We’re all aware of the traumatic and often tragic immediate impact of events such as flooding or terrorist attack. The long term effects on businesses and individuals however is often forgotten and can also be devastating.   High […]