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The Future of Work: how companies must adapt to consumer behaviours

By Nick East

December 7, 2020

The year 2020 will be synonymous with the Covid-19 pandemic but also the rate of change that it has brought about. Social distancing, lockdowns and tier systems have driven numerous behavioural shifts, especially when it comes to the relationship between business and customer. It is likely that companies who adapt to keep up with many changed behaviours will be the ones which not only survive but thrive in a changed world.

Going cashless

One of the biggest changes in our society has been an accelerated transition to a cashless system. NatWest reported a significant increase in the number of businesses taking contactless and card payments for the very first time during the first lockdown in March. As well as being a ‘safer’ and more hygienic way of buying products, it also offers businesses increased flexibility in terms of how they can take payments, whether this be contactless, by telephone or online.

Once companies have set themselves up with the relevant technology, they will soon benefit from quicker and more convenient transactions, as well as safer and better accounting methods. Consumers prefer the increased buying flexibility too. According to PwC’s latest Global Consumer Insights survey, almost 90% of online grocery shoppers plan to continue to buy online once the pandemic is over. Companies need to change their ways of working as fast as the consumers are changing their habits.  

Going remote

Working life has dramatically changed. With traditional office jobs moving online and millions working remotely, some businesses have chosen to use the pandemic as a springboard to update and rework existing business models.

At Verbatim, we provide business continuity services to clients and are experienced in this area, nevertheless we still had to adapt in light of Covid in ways beyond what most disaster planning would anticipate. Talking to people is our passion – we’re a friendly, chatty, and outgoing bunch who thrive when we’re together. When lockdown came along, many of our call handlers, understandably, began to feel isolated and lonely. We came up with a few creative solutions to ensure our staff remained connected and continued to feel appreciated for their hard work. We provided web cameras so we could see everyone’s smiling faces during meetings and so staff could easily stay in touch with one another. Microsoft Teams has been a boon for promoting communication, both for business and a bit of office fun. And – because we had no access to the work sweetie tin – we’ve sent sweets around to the team, to keep morale up!

Staying profitable

Ultimately, investing in your business is a must if you want to thrive in the long run. This is a huge challenge no matter what your industry, or how big or small you are. If you’re looking to compete with bigger and better rivals and more established brands, we have some good news for you. Using a call answering service can do exactly that, simply by offering you a range of services that can boost your profitability. When done properly, it can level the playing field when facing bigger rivals with more resources and bigger marketing budgets, all without putting extra strain on your business. How? We can offer:

  • Increased customer satisfaction – which in turn generates repeat businesses and boosts revenue
  • A great first impression every time – you can be certain that your customers are being greeted by a friendly and professional voice
  • Reduced call abandonment – we will capture every lead coming in and offer 24/7 support services
  • Improved industry reputation – poor customer service costs businesses millions every year, and a lot of it comes from phone-based service problems
  • More positive customer reviews – reviews play a huge factor in influencing buying decisions.

During this extraordinarily difficult time, businesses, customers and employees are all looking for reassurance and stability. Inevitably people will gravitate towards the businesses that are still able to offer the best in customer service. The businesses we help feel more confident in uncertain times knowing they have the resources in place to ensure business continuity. They know that calls will still be answered if staff are sick or can’t work. In normal times that same virtual reception service ensures calls aren’t missed and staff aren’t distracted by endless sales calls. All for a fraction of the price of hiring someone internally. We can help you to identify the right service for your business. To find out more, just get in touch with the team today.


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