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Call Answering Services And Hairdressers – A Match Made In Heaven!

By Nick East

June 6, 2019

The hairdressing industry is all about balancing great beauty care with great customer service. If you get the balance right, you will have a successful salon full of happy customers. In fact, research shows that 81% of companies who deliver strong customer service will outperform their competition. That means making each client feel special and looked after, from the first moment you speak to them, to the moment they leave. Which can be complicated when those points overlap with several customers. This is the element a lot of hairdressers struggle with, and it can stunt their growth for a long time. But there is a solution – hiring a call answering service.

The Average Day Of A Hairdresser

Hairdressers are some of the most hardworking people you will find on a high street. They spend their days working with their hands, tending to customers and applying treatments to make them feel pampered and beautiful. A hairdresser will usually alternate their time between washing hair, cutting it, colouring it, styling it and generally enjoying making transformations happen.

While doing all of this, they are also trying to keep their salons clean, ordering supplies, processing shipments and dealing with customer concerns. Not to mention trying to provide great customer service to anyone they come in contact with. And that’s just one day. When you list it all out like that, it can seem a tad overwhelming.

It’s no wonder hairdressers struggle to answer the phone when it rings. But answer it they must, because behind that ringing phone is a queue of new clients wanting to book appointments. Now, imagine you’re a hairdresser. You’re in the middle of a treatment, your hands are covered in conditioner, and the phone rings. You now have to make a decision. If you answer, your client will be left waiting while you deal with it. If you send the call to voicemail, you might miss out on a potential appointment. After all, people don’t always leave a voicemail, and if they don’t get through to you they might just go to another salon instead. So what do you do?

What A Call Answering Service Actually Does

Luckily, hairdressers and salons are where call answering services can really come into their own. In a hairdressers salon, the customers in the shop always come first, which often means the phone is left ringing. Over the years hairdressers have tried to come up with ways around this. We’ve seen everything from using apprentices to answer the phones (which doesn’t give them much experience) to wearing headsets while working (which at least lets you answer calls, but means you aren’t ready to take bookings when you do).

A call answering service takes all of that stress away. Our virtual receptionists can be on hand ready to take any call that comes into your salon, at any time. We can answer questions for your customers, give out basic information, take messages and even book appointments directly into your diary system, so you can focus on the customers in front of you, and running the salon efficiently.

At Verbatim, we love working with hairdressers and beauty salons all across the Reading area. They are one of our favourite kinds of clients, simply because we get to answer lots of different kinds of call during the course of an average day. From booking appointments to answering questions about the products and services your salon provides, we help you stand head and shoulders above your competitors. With 24-hour availability, our receptionists are always here to facilitate reliable and friendly communication between your growing hairdressing business and your customers. We have a lot of experience with companies in the haircare industry, and we can tailor our services to meet your needs. With Verbatim, you will never miss a call, or a chance to create the perfect coif.

For more information, please just get in touch with the Verbatim team today and book your free trial.


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