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The true cost of Christmas for small businesses

By Nick East

November 30, 2021

Last year, the average cost per head for a Virtual Christmas Party came in at around £225 per person, but the true cost of Christmas extends to more than just the party costs. Christmas can put other strains on your business too.

  • Cost of hiring extra staff
    You might find that you need to hire and train temporary receptionists to provide holiday cover, which can be expensive and time consuming.
  • Missed business opportunities
    If you are operating with a skeleton staff in place over Christmas, or even shutting down altogether, you may miss incoming business enquiries.
  • Poor customer service
    If they are too busy, it’s harder for staff to deliver great customer service, which can leave customers feeling disgruntled, affecting your reputation and sales.

Outsourcing your call answering delivers all kind of gifts

Here’s how outsourcing your call answering during the festive season can benefit you, your staff and customers.

Happy you, happy customers

Too much work and too few staff can leave customer service wanting. But our warm, efficient receptionists make sure all callers receive special treatment. We can act as an extension of your team, so your customers will be none the wiser that you are enjoying some well-deserved time off away from the office. Our virtual receptionist service takes full control of your calls during office hours and maintains a positive image of your business, allowing you to recharge your batteries for the year ahead.

Treat your staff

Do you want to reward staff with some extra days off over Christmas, or shut down altogether? Our overflow call answering service is perfect for busy periods, giving you the flexibility and freedom to decide when and how you want your calls answered.

Give your family the greatest gift of all – you!

It’s difficult to promise that you won’t check your emails over Christmas; at the end of the day you have a business to run. But we can take care of all your calls whilst you are away, allowing you to dedicate your time to your family.
If you’re nervous at the thought of being completely out of touch, we can still put important or emergency calls through to you. Our 24/7 call answering option provides first-class service regardless of what time it is, giving you the comfort that your calls are being answered around the clock.

Cheaper than a Gingerbread Latte

Did you know that you can outsource your call answering from as little as £2.25 a day? That’s cheaper than a morning coffee! So if you need an extra pair of hands to help you to stay open for business during the festive season, don’t hesitate to give us a call.


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