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Unlike the Olympics, five rings can spell disaster for your business

By Graham Hill

August 6, 2021

Back in 2012, we were so excited to have the Olympic torch come through Newbury, Berkshire, home town of Verbatim; it brought home just how amazing it was to have the global sporting event here in the UK.

Now, five rings might signify all that is great with the Olympics, but did you know if you leave your telephone to ring five times you have probably already lost that business?

Typically an answer phone kicks into a call after around 15 seconds and people anticipate this. So by 15 seconds (5 rings) customers and potential customers hang up, feeling unimpressed and not loved. In fact, 7 out of 10 callers will hang up & never call back.

Here at Verbatim, we answer businesses missed phone calls so there’s no need to lose potential customers anymore.

If you want to provide a medal-winning performance, strive to answer your own phones within the all-important three rings and never a marathon five rings or more.

When it comes to each Olympic sport only three will triumph, winning gold, silver or bronze.

There are no prizes for fourth and fifth and if you want to ensure your telephone are answered promptly and professionally, contact us today


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