Why Verbatim Call Answering chose Moneypenny as their number one

By Nick East

April 1, 2021

Here at Verbatim, we love to indulge ourselves when it comes to watching great films and TV programmes, especially during the lockdown. And even better when they feature some pretty amazing receptionists! We’ve been sharing our favourite fictional receptionists from the world of TV and film with you over the last few weeks on Twitter and Facebook. We hope you’ve enjoyed watching them in action as much as we have, whether it’s their quirky mannerisms when they answer the phone, their strength of character when dealing with colleagues and clients … or just their ability to make us laugh that sets them apart! But who do we choose when it comes to our favourite of all time? So now we want to reveal that our number one is… 

Miss Moneypenny, James Bond

One of the ever-present characters in the James Bond films and novels, Miss Moneypenny is receptionist and PA to M (head of MI6) and always on hand for top-secret message taking and call handling. Utterly dedicated to her work, she is cleared for Eyes Only and Cabinet-Level intelligence reports, providing assistance to Bond when required, which often leads to many a flirtation between the two! In 2012’s film Skyfall, she moved from behind the desk, answering the phone to become Bond’s gun-toting accomplice … So who knows where the next movie will take her? 

Roz, Monsters Inc

A supporting character in Disney Pixar’s Monsters, Inc, Roz the receptionist may be a grouchy slug-like monster, who always seems to have a frown on her face. A stickler for paperwork, she’s constantly reminding Mike Wazowski to get his in on time! But looks can be deceiving – she’s also Agent No.1 of the Child Detection Agency and has been working undercover in the Monster’s Inc factory, ensuring their work is not compromised by rogue children entering. Who would have thought it!  

Smithers and Homer 

Working with Mr Burns, greedy owner of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant is no easy job but Waylon Smithers, his devoted assistant, takes it in his stride. Things come to a head however, when Smithers takes a holiday and leaves Homer in charge. Needless to say things take a strange number of turns and on his return, Smithers is fired. Homer and Smithers end up fighting, causing Mr Burns to fall off a giant polar bear and out of a window, injuring himself… but all’s well that ends well, as it does mean that Smithers gets his job back!

Dawn Tinsley, The Office (UK)

The brilliant Dawn Tinsley is the long-suffering receptionist at Wernham Hogg paper merchants in the BBC’s The Office. With a whole host of colleagues to support (or put up with!) Dawn deals particularly well when it comes to humouring her boss, David Brent. She harbours ambitions to be a children’s illustrator and although she is engaged to warehouse worker Lee, her real affections lie with Tim, who she finally gets to kiss in the Christmas Special. 

Kevin, Ghostbusters (2016)

Kevin, played by Chris Hemsworth, certainly caused a bit of a stir when he arrived for his receptionist job interview! Needless to say he was hired. But there’s more to Kevin than meets the eye – although he needs to work on his phone manner (or just answer the phone occasionally), his commitment to the Ghostbusters is 100%.  

Pepper Potts, Iron Man

Virginia “Pepper” Potts appears as a supporting character in the Marvel Comics, many of which have made it to the big screen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe films. Gwyneth Paltrow plays her in the Iron Man and The Avengers films where she is employed as superhero Tony Stark’s PA. We see her keep him organised with skill and grace – no easy task. Her business prowess sees her rise up the ranks to become CEO of Stark Industries, becoming Tony’s partner and right-hand woman along the way.

Janine, Ghostbusters (1984)

Who can forget the original Ghostbusters’ secretary Janine Melnitz? The first person hired to work at the Firehouse, she was played by Annie Potts. A uniquely quirky individual with a penchant for books, racketball and colleague Egon Spengler, her job involves coordinating the Ghostbusters in their bid to save the world. Her inimitable delight of answering the first call – “We Got One!!!” – firmly cements her place within the team. 

Grace, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Grace Wheelberg (played by Edie McClug),  is the long suffering school receptionist from the 80’s classic, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. She supports Mr. Rooney the headmaster and so is often drawn into the dramas at the school, particularly his unsuccessful attempts to bring an end to Ferris’ antics when he decides to go AWOL from school for the day.

Well there’s no doubt that Wernham Hogg, Mr Burns and the Ghostbusters crew could all have used some of our outsourced receptionist services! When it comes to message services and phone answering, our professional call experts play a starring role every time.  They can be there when your customers need them the most – be it logging ghost sightings, top-secret message taking, chasing paperwork from monsters, or assisting a Superhero.     

If you’d like to know more about how we can help, just get in touch with the team today.


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