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Call Answering And Recruiters – A Match Made In Heaven

By Nick East

September 9, 2019

If you’re in recruitment or run a recruitment agency, you probably know just how much of your time is spent on the phone. There always seems to be someone who needs to speak to you, almost to the point where you can get nothing else done. But get other things done you must – all while making sure you don’t miss a single one of those important calls. So how do you manage it? By using a call answering service of course.

Information Gathering

When it comes to recruitment, there is a lot of information to take in. Whether it’s a new candidate calling to be signed onto your books for a job search, or an existing client giving you a brief for a new job role that needs filling. Recruitment phone calls often include a lot more detail and information that your average business phone call, and so require a lot more attention. When you can’t answer that call, that level of information won’t be left in a voicemail – there just isn’t enough time. Instead, it will wait, or the opportunity will pass you by. Louisa Fleet or Louise Fleet Recruitment certainly agreed. She said:

I was getting very professional, very detailed messages. They sent me a script where I could input all the questions I wanted the receptionist to ask and it didn’t matter how much information they took, there was no cost for the length of the call – it was just cost per call, which I liked as we do like to get a lot of information from our customers in the messages!”

Prioritise Clients And Candidates

Using a call answering service also allows you to make your business focus on your clients and candidates, even if your personal focus is elsewhere that day. So, while you’re getting on with your admin and sifting through CVs, your clients still feel taken care of. A call answering service can provide a full receptionist service for you, and depending on your requirements can handle the call from beginning to end, or can patch through priority calls directly to you at your desk, on your mobile or wherever you are. Prospective candidates can be asked to provide specific application information through our tailorable screening forms, allowing us to pass their details to the right person within your business (and not just the CEO every time).

Stay Professional

Professionalism is the name of the game when it comes to recruitment. If a client is working with you, they expect a certain level of service at all times. That might not always be possible when you’re dashing from one appointment to the next, or unable to talk in the middle of an interview. Recruitment companies often struggle to find a place for a full-time receptionist, especially if they don’t have physical premises (which is very common), so a virtual call answering service works perfectly – slotting in as and when you need it to give you a sleek, professional look.

The service is superb. I now have a professional receptionist service that I am proud to recommend to family, friends and associates in the knowledge that they too could benefit from the peace of mind that they will always be represented well to their clients, prospects and suppliers.” – Natasha Kearslake, Organic P&O Solutions

At Verbatim, we understand how difficult, if not impossible it can be to answer the phone all the time – which is where we can help. We work with professional services like recruitment agencies in the Reading area to help them manage their calls. From providing an overflow service when you’re too busy, to taking detailed call information from clients and candidates. Our services are flexible, professional, and exactly what you need to support your growing Reading-based recruitment agency. To find out more, just get in touch with the team today.


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